Crazy week

I know I owe you an update.
The last week has been kind of crazy. Not ‘crazy’ like in “so many crazy things have happened”, but in ‘crazy’ like “I didn’t manage to update my blog” ;)

On Tuesday, I received my new hard drive in the mail and I spent quite some time on installing the new hard drive and trying to get my laptop back in shape. Unfortunately, I bumped into more problems with reinstalling some of the software applications [I had to reorder some installation CDs from DELL] and then I was dealing with some problems with my Norton AntiVirus Software.

If you are one of the people that HATE Norton and you feel the urge to tell me now to get rid off this software anyways – save your breath, I already received that advice in my beloved computer forum. I am just not ready to give it up quite yet, because I paid for another annual subscription last August, which gives me another supposedly 6 months of professional Antivirus Protection. So we’ll see what Symantec has to say.

On Wednesday, we had agreed to give some friends of J’s parents a ‘tour’ of LA [in one day – yeah, right!].

We picked up Eelke and Andreas at their hotel close to LAX and then took them to the Getty Museum [which was what they wanted to see]. It was a fantastic sunny and clear day and the view was gorgeous.
We spent the whole day on the Getty grounds and then in the evening took a walk around Westwood and had dinner at an Italian place.
The food was amazing, but the place itself was more like a ‘Delivery service’, so they didn’t even had alcoholic beverages on their menu. Not having Italian wine with the Italian dinner is quite unimaginable for Europeans ;)
The owner was pretty nice though. He explained to us that he didn’t have a license to sell alcohol [which is quite different from how it works in Germany] but that we could get a bottle of wine at the next 7Eleven and drink it with our dinner – from plastic cups, of course, and as long as we keep the bottle itself under the table. It was quite entertaining ;)

On Saturday, temperatures were up in the lower 80’s and I decided to go to Santa Monica, walk around at the 3rd Street Promenade and go to the beach. I dropped J off at the studio and then drove down to Santa Monica. You can imagine that it was pretty crowded due to it being a Saturday, plus the gorgeous weather.
I went window shopping, walked on the beach, treated myself to some “Coffee Bean Ice Blended” and with the gift card that J gave me for Christmas bought some nice frames at Michaels.

I went grocery shopping afterwards and then picked up J at the studio.

Time around these events were spent at home cleaning up, reading, running and preparing meals ;) Oh, one more thing, we watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” last night. Man, have I been wrong about this movie. It’s funny how you can have a total misconception in your head.
Yeah, I agree, I shouldn’t let a whole week pass before I update – that leaves me with a lot of “blanks” in the chronological order of what happened the last week.

  1. Sounds like a great week to me! I love your pictures from the Getty Center!
    Pretty cool, that you still got some wine at that place must have been fun! :)

    Oh and what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Better or worse than you thought?

  2. i love love love reading about your life. hey don’t forget to give us an update about your job applications – how is it going?

    big big hug

  3. lach kann ganz schoen viel passieren in einer woche was? :-) danke fuer deine suesse sms. ne stadttour durch la. das klingt super!!! naja vielleicht schaffen wirs ja mal dieses jahr, was? knuffel dich lieb

  4. Sounds like a good week.

  5. As long as you update once in a while, I’m happy!!


  6. In the lower 80s…gosh I wish we would have at least temperatures in the 60s. Nur an die 70s zu denken, wuerde eine Kraftanstrengung meiner Vorstellungskraft benoetigen. *gg* Das war nett von Euch, die Freunde von J’s Eltern LA zu zeigen. :-) Drei Pfadfinder-Punkte fuer Euch !!! *lach*

  7. I love the buying alcohol at 7-11 and bringing it in thing! SO classy! ;) (And so something my friends and I would do if necessary.)

  8. this drinking wine in plastic cups under the table thing is sooo strange :)

  9. i’m SO jealous of the sun & beach and warmth. NOT jealous of the 7-11-wine out of platic cups even though it IS hilarious. big *smooch* sweety and i can’t wait to be “back” … phone-date one of these nights?

  10. Booze at 7-11. Priceless.

    Alles ok mit dem CV oder soll ich was reviewen?

  11. 7-11 rocks!!!! You are my hero! Hehe. It just sounds so funny. :)

  12. Sounds fun! I’d do the same thing about the booze…

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