A year in review: 2019

I cannot believe how fast 2019 came and went.  If I had to sum the year up in a few words, it would be the year of reuniting with family and friends.  I got to go to Germany in the spring to see one of my best friends get married, I reunited with not one, not two, not three, but four old friends, and attended my nephew’s first communion.

I got to hang out with  some “local” (as in, Californian) friends this year, I kept running many miles and also added cycling to my routine. In October, we were able to go back to Germany a second time last fall to surprise my parents for their birthdays. 

I started this year with being furloughed for 5 weeks, but also finally secured a permanent position at my job, and Jon and I went on a few weekend trips this year. Here’s what else happened in 2019. 


In January, I welcomed the new year. I recapped our Christmas and my year of running 2018.  I was furloughed and a bit consumed by it. For Tuesday Topics, I talked about how I fuel for a run and how I deal with stinky running clothes. I shared a list of things I wanted to do in 2019.


In February,  I chose my word for the year. I shared our 2018 spending report. I also talked about why I (still) love running and the books I read in January.


In March, I celebrated my birthday and got a new bike.  I shared my favorite moments of the previous year. I talked about my sleep and my favorite non-fitness hobbies.  I also spent a weekend in Southern California with my friend Tanja and took my first spinning class. 


In April, I shared my favorite cross training activities and my travel carry-on essentials as I was getting ready for my trip to Germany. I shared my Germany bucket list and then traveled to Germany and saw one of my best friends get married and reunited with a few more friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.


In May, I was able to attend my my nephew’s first communion. I posted a recipe for an amazing tortellini soup and Jon and I went to see NKOTB’s Mixtape Tour. I also talked about how you survive your first cycling class.


In June, I talked about what you can do to get over emotional jetlag and shared some more memories from my trip home. We spent a day in Napa with friends and I shared some thoughts on running for Global Running Day. We also tried a new gnocchi recipe.


In July, we had a big earthquake in Southern California that we felt in Sacramento. Jon completed his first 5k at the Davis Moo-nlight Run. I shared some awkward & awesome things, showed you some new running products that I had tried, and spent the last weekend of the month in SF to run the SF Half Marathon for the 4th time.


In August, I made milk rice a lot, because it’s my favorite summer treat. I talked about the intricacy of friendship and took an overnight trip with Jon to the North Bay. I also posted about my favorite running shoes for Tuesday Topics.


In September, I told you about my 6 favorite skin care products and explained how I pick which book to read next. For Tuesday Topics, I shared my thoughts on taper time and running pet peeves.


In October, I shared how to pull off a birthday surprise when Jon and I traveled to Germany to surprise my parents for their 70’s birthday party.  I also talked about staying sane at the grocery store,  shared some of my favorite Friends quotes, and why you should read books (and watch movies) in their native language. I posted about what else was currently going on in October.


November was NaBloPoMo and I participated for the last decade, so I wasn’t going to break the streak. I told you about my parent’s ‘Oktoberfest-style” birthday bash, shared some of my little everyday luxuries, and answered some of your questions.

For Tuesday Topics, I talked about my warm-up routine and how I budget for races. We spent a weekend in Ventura and I finally showed you some pictures of our duplex. I organized the 4th annual Secret Santa Mug Swap and asked for your addresses again in my Holiday Card Roll Call.

I compiled another fun list of German idioms and told you who I am at the moment and what I am thankful for in 2019. I shared a few recipes for German Chicken Fricassee, Greek Gyro Salad, super-simple, super-delicious apple cake, and light spinach pappardelle alfredo.


In December, I shared our Thanksgiving weekend with you.  I posted a Christmas Wish List (just for fun!) and talked about the holiday season. I shared how we spent Christmas this year and what else was going on in December.

Share some highlights of 2019 with me in the comments! And thanks for always reading and commenting here. Your support means the world to me.


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  1. This is such a beautiful way to set out a review of the previous year!
    I think that is such a lovely surprise you gave your parents in October – they must have been so happy (and looking at the photos they were) :) I went to visit mine at the end of last year and am so happy I did <3
    I really enjoyed reading about every day luxuries and seeing your duplex which is lovely.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2020 filled with the best.

  2. You had a great year! I love that you were able to travel home to Germany twice, especially to surprise your parents. That was one of my favorite moments for you this year! I hope 2020 is just as great!

  3. i love the info graphic that you made – that’s so cool!

    I just love that photo of your parents from October. So much joy and happiness on their faces :) What an amazing surprise that you were able to pull off for them!

  4. I’m glad you had an overall awesome year! That’s great your job is now permanent and you were able to visit Germany twice! I hope 2020 is just as awesome.


  5. I totally agree, 2019 flew by! I always feel like the first six months are incredibly slow and the last six months is a race to the end and you can hardly keep up.

  6. What a beautiful year. The photo of you surprising your parents will never not bring a smile to my face! Their joy is palpable!

  7. You had such a full year! I loved following along on your trip to Germany and was so inspired by your posts about all the running you do! Can’t wait to see what you can accomplish in 2020!

  8. 2019 was a great year for you! I am glad you were able to go home twice and see so many friends and family. That picture of your mom and dad where she’s turned towards him is the sweetest photo!

    2019 really flew by for us. Some of the highlights were celebrating Paul’s birthday, going to Fl in April with my parents, watching Paul take his first steps, buying our new home and seeing Paul’s language explode! So the year was very Paul-centric which I expect to be the case going forward!!

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