It was all in vain.

My ‘baby’ crashed again last night after re-formatting, re-installing the OS and re-installing the programs.

I think it’s seriously messed up and I contacted DELL about a new hard drive.
I am still under warranty [thank God!] and for once, they’ve been quick and helpful with their support… they’ll send me a new hard drive within 1-2 business days for no charge.

So, let’s start fresh… and hopefully I will have an ‘almost’ completely new laptop this coming week ;) Thanks for bearing with me.

Friday was laundry day and in the afternoon, I worked on my laptop. Well, what a waste of time considering that it broke down again last night.  Funnily enough, this morning the laptop booted up normally. Don’t ask me how this was possible, but it seems like it has a mind of its own. Anyway, I think I’ll be much better of with a replacement. I really don’t want to deal with another crash in a couple of weeks.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sunny, not too warm, and I decided to get into my workout habit again. So I went for a run on Campus. It’s really convenient to have the Campus close by and to not have to run on the streets.
I went grocery shopping afterwards and then in the evening Aaron came over to watch a movie. We watched “Merry Christmas“. Very good movie. I recommend it.

  1. Oh sweets, I’m sorry to hear that! It’s crazy, but Jörgen checked our brand new harddrive and it was ok, then he spent the whole day to reinstall everything …and then guess what? Yup, it broke. What’s up with that? Hope your problems get solved really soon!

  2. man, that’s seriously f*cked up with the laptop. good thing though that one day when mine may make problems [which will hopefully never happen] you’ll know all possible ways to fix it i guess ;) i hope you will get it sorted out very soon. *smooch*

    PS: i missed you on saturday!

  3. oh gosh, you poor thing! glad you still had warranty on that dell. i hope soon you will be able to “internet it up” again. ;-) big hug and love

  4. Oh no, that’s horrible! I hope the new harddrive will sort things out!
    Yay for running! :-*

  5. your laptop scares me..
    this is a really nice picture of you, you look so young!!

  6. man, that sucks! i hope it’ll work woth the new HD. Good luck!

  7. I’m so sorry about your laptop! I am always paranoid about this happening to me. I now back up frequently.
    Good luck with the new hard drive!

  8. Good luck with the new hard drive. I hope it’ll work. :)

  9. Good to hear that Dell was so helpful to send you a new hard drive ASAP. We don’t want to have a laptop anymore, because of such issues. We had two and they broke down three times…so now we got a Dell PC, because they are easier to fix and live longer…says my hubby. ;-)

  10. I love that movie! It is so great, and watching a tri-lingual movie is juts an experience of its own.

  11. i honestly believe that computers/laptops have a mind of their own. like sometimes they act that you really can’t believe that it’s possible. so i really hope the new harddrive will work finally. very frustrating when you spend so much time to fix things and the time was useless. fingers are crossed.

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