Monthly Recap | November


I only read just one book.  It’s still slow going around here when it comes to reading, but I am keeping at it. Review to come. 


A hen for Thanksgiving with mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans. We also cooked quite a few soups and stews, and as always, pasta dishes. We do like carbs around here. You should give this light alfredo a try! 


I haven’t watched much TV lately to be honest, just the usual Sunday night 90-day fiancé guilty pleasure for some brainless entertainment. Ha. But, we did watch our first Christmas movie of the season over Thanksgiving weekend. More to come. 


I listened to NPR in the car, does that count? I also caught up on a couple of podcast episodes by my journalist-friend who lives in India right now. It’s been interesting to learn more about her life there through her reporting.


We bought some new Asics sneakers for Jon. I bought some candles, a new workout shirt, and a mug for the Secret Santa Mug Swap that I am hosting again. 

RAN (and cycled)

I ran 35 miles and cycled another 55 miles. I am hoping to improve my running mileage again soon, but for now I am happy with what I get done. 


+ As you might have noticed, I spent a lot of time on this good ol’ blog of mine in November, as I was participating in NaBloPoMo again (as I have for many years). It’s always a fun exercise in getting back into a writing habit.

+ I’ve been struggling with what the doctor determined are some minor GERD issues. I don’t have typical heartburn, as in acid reflux, just an achy stomach and weird sensations in the chest and I just want it to go away. I haven’t been able to nail down what causes it, so I’ve been using Tums, when needed, and I am trying some diet changes to see if that helps.

+ We spent a weekend in Ventura to visit Jon’s family. It had been a while since we were down there and it was good to visit some familiar places (aka the beach and pier!). 

+ We got the first real rain of the season and it’s been a long way coming. California needs the rain and the atmospheric river that hit us this last weekend was just what we needed. A period of light, but steady rain.

+ I contemplated ditching cable and signing up for Sling or Hulu TV. In the end though, Internet access alone (+ taxes and equipment fees) and one of these two services wouldn’t have been much cheaper than the setup that we currently have, which is kinda disappointing, because I was hoping to save some money, as our cable package went up in price again. I just wished that cable companies valued their long term customers as much as they do new customers and would offer some deals for us as well.

+ I finally ran the Run to Feed the Hungry Turkey Trot here in Sacramento this year, the largest turkey trot in the nation. I am so glad I finally got around to it, because I had been talking about it for years.

How was your November?

  1. That is no fun about the acid reflux issues! Hopefully a few diet changes help! I have been slow to read lately too but I’m back at it which is feeling pretty good. Picked a nice fluffy Christmas read. :)

  2. this year has really gone by so fast. considering november was only 30 days, it still feels like it was a very long month – lots of different things happening. i revisited the blogosphere in november and am trying to figure out what cadence i want to write again. :) maybe a recap of the month is the way to go.

  3. At least you read a book! I am in such a reading rut and it is not fun!
    Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving dinner.
    Acid reflux is terrible – hope that your diet changes can help and you get to the root of what is causing it.
    Yay for new candles – I absolutely love buying new ones and have quite a collection at the moment. I enjoy using them all year round :)

  4. Feeling the same way about cable! We thought about ditching the TV and just keeping the internet, but it would save us $8 a month….ugh. Someone at work said if you go to your cable provider’s store (if they have one near you) that they will give you a good deal to keep the service.

  5. I had reflux issues in my 20s. It’s really awful. I also did not have heartburn. Instead I had this awful feeling in my chest – kind of like built up pressure? I ended up going on omeprazole for awhile and that seemed to help. It was really painful, though! I also had to take a break from acidic foods and coffee.

    November was a blur for us between moving/settling in/listing our house. We spent a lot of money this month on furniture although we mostly bought things at a good price on wayfair. We bought 2 end tables, 2 kitchen stools and our tv stand from there. We also bought a guest bed/headboard and a chair for our bedroom at Slumberland. We’ve been holding off on buying furniture until we moved into the house so these purchases are long overdue but it’s been a spendy month!

  6. Oof, I struggle with GERD, too, and it’s so uncomfortable! Mine usually flares up due to the foods I’m eating so my doctor gave me a diet to follow when it happens. It helps a LOT. Hope the symptoms get better for you soon!

  7. Looks like you had a great month. I’m actually making alfredo tonight and might try that recipe. It sounds delicious!

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