Superbowl weekend

I had a good weekend. On Saturday I went on a massive shopping tour all by myself. I went grocery shopping – which I personally think is fun, but I’ve known people *wink* who don’t enjoy that at all!- and then I went to IKEA.

Have I mentioned before that I LOVE IKEA?

I could go there every weekend! Well, this time we did have some urgent purchases to make. We desperately needed a clock for our living room and a window drape for our bathroom, but as always you end up buying more at IKEA than you have to.

I just love strolling through the exhibition rooms and being inspired by some new home accessories :) I bought a very nice picture for our living room and a bed set that matches the one that I brought from Germany – both was marked down, no better opportunity to buy stuff than when it is on sale ;)

We spent a relaxing Saturday night at home watching X-files and eating pasta with meatballs [according to J, the best pasta that you can find anywhere ;)].

Sunday was Superbowl Sunday. The weather couldn’t have been better [at least here in LA ;) in Florida it was raining pouring the whole game!].
Jon and I were up at 8 am already. I got to talk to my sister and my parents in the morning, then we went for a nice walk. It was about 73°F [= 24°C] and we could walk around in shorts and flip flops :)
We got back in time to see the kick off at 3.25 p.m.

J was so nice to explain the basic football rules to me again before the game, because otherwise I would have been totally lost. The complete rules are far too complicated, if you ask me, but as long as I know who to cheer for in certain situations, all is good :) It was a good game and although we kind of cheered for the Chicago Bears, the Indianapolis Colts had earned the victory in the end.

People get crazy for the Superbowl. There were a ton of parties going on on our street and during half time, people were playing catch on the street. I wish we could have BBQed, because of the nice weather and because we could smell the BBQ from some place else, but we enjoyed our pizza just as much ;)

  1. What a great relaxing weekend you had. And I L.O.V.E IKEA too. How could you not?

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, hun! Reminds me that I have to make a trip to IKEA soon. So many things put on hold here lately…need to be patient! Crossing fingers for your baby to get well soon!

  3. that sounds like the weekend of my dreams *sigh* well, except for the grocery shopping. yes, i got the wink… :) but everything else: IKEA, target, 24°C, sun, a walk, pizza and superbowl… juuust purrrrfect! especially after “ringing in” the weekend with a phone chat with ME :D

    HDGDL and a big smooch!

  4. I could also spend every weekend at IKEA. I just love all the ideas they have when they put together the show rooms. :) How is your little laptop doing?

  5. thanks for your comment, sweets! i’m still figuring out the whole blogger-thing, so it might need some time until my page is nice and readable. i’m home sick today, so i have a little time to play geeky. say, how do i put up a countdown on blogspot? i’m looking for something unobtrusive to put on the top side (just like yours, basically). and do you know, how to secure selected entries with a password?

    i’m a little jealous of your amazing weather, but winter here in beijing is quite nice as well. currently temperatures are around 10°C and the sun is shining every single day. gotta love it!

    smoochie, ellen

  6. Ours was full of fun, puppies and football! How good is that?

  7. I have been known to spend hours in IKEA – it makes my hubby very nervous! :-) How is you laptop doing?

  8. that sounds like a very nice weekend, sweets. haha i so hear ya about ikea.i went there last week also. usually just to buy some frames for my pricelist for the shop. and of course i ended up buying extra stuff;-) since we have ikea finally in siegen that is a really dangerous thing;-) i would have been sitting infront of the superbowl exactly without no clue.;-)

  9. Oh IKEA! You lucky thing! Glad you so much fun shopping!

  10. love ikea! 24 degrees, what the heck? we have minus 12 here. gosh. i am jealous!!!! when should we come and visit? ;-) love ya

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