I LOVE Netflix!

It’s such a cool thing… we put the three DVD’s in the mail on tuesday and according to my online account we should have the next three movies in the mail today! That’s what I call… FAST!! :)

What else? I didn’t do much Tuesday night… made some tea, heated up my heatpad and snuggled up on the couch. I was reading my new book about how the mind creates language and it’s so fascinating! Seriously!
Have you ever thought about if you think in English (in words)? Actually, we don’t! I am sure everyone of you had the experience before that you had a thought and you couldn’t say what you were thinking because either you said something and realized that it wasn’t what you wanted to say OR there was just a lack of words to explain your thoughts!
Well, that means that there actually is some other “language of thinking” that is separated from any conventional concept of language :) Isn’t that astounding??? I am so intrigued!

Yesterday after work I picked up J and we went to the “used books” store downtown. J got two (hardcover) books for $4 each – it’s such a great deal! Afterward, J took me out for dinner. We had talked about checking out “Woody’s Grill & Bar” for quite a while since J knew a “Woody’s” from Santa Barbara. It turned out it wasn’t exactly the same kind of place, but the food was great! We had Chicken Wings, a Caesar’s Salad and BBQ Rips which were just delicious!! :)

Since we had a $30 gift certificate in the mail yesterday (a mail-in-rebate – and I never thought we would actually get the gift certificate if I send in the receipts! I was so wrong!! *hehe*), we went to BestBuy to see if they had any CDs or DVDs that interested us, but we ended up not buying anything, but saving the gift certificate a little longer!

Then we stopped at Barnes & Nobles to pick up the book that I ordered: “Geologic Trips in the Sierra Nevada”. It’s a really cool book, because the first part is a geologic introduction to the Sierra and the second part is divided in chapters, each presenting a trip through the Sierra with lots of useful information… maps, driving directions, geologic information, photos..etc. I definitely have to plan out some trips for the spring!! :)

  1. Ahaha, you are a geologist through and through, aren’t you?!
    I love Netflix, too. They are so fast! Normally I get the movies a day earlier than they estimate – so yay USPS, too. I’m actually watching all SATC seasons thanks to Netflix. Season 4.1 should get here tomorrow :-D.
    Have a super good weekend sweetie!!

  2. What is that book about language? Sounds really interesting. I am glad I am interested in some things about language, makes me feel better about my major (sometimes I think I’m not good enough of an English major, because there are some who seem just so much more smarter, and that makes me feel bad, or when I’m not interested in things I should be interested in).

  3. Yeah that’d be cool to meet up, if you have time :) Maybe we could go shopping or do some sightseeing (unless you’ve already seen everything in SF?! :p That’d be a lot more fun than doing it all by myself.

  4. Netflix sound awesome… its it expense? they tried something similar here but I dont think it took off very welll… I dont think video stores are doing too well over here anymore cause EVERYONE is getting pay tv….ya know we spend $110 a MONTH on pay tv so its not even cheap pay tv… oh well..
    miss you and love ya tonz

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