December in CA

The last weekend was fun! Susi came to visit for 2,5 days, before she flew back to Germany. We picked her up Friday morning and she and I decided to go to Santa Monica to check out 3rd Street Promenade and the beach. It was the 1st of December, and people, we were walking around at the beach barefoot, enjoying the nice and sunny weather ;) It was strange!

Santa Monica

Susi treated me to a Vanilla Frapuccino, an evil drink!, afterwards… it was so yummy, and we sat at the Promenade and just enjoyed the time together :)

In the evening, J’s friend Chris came over from Pasadena and after some yummy Japanese food, we all went to the studio to hear J and Aaron perform a private concert for us. It was a great night and we all had a blast.

Saturday, Susi, J and I went to the Getty Center which is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, just a 5 minute drive from our apartment. It is a huge campus with a museum, library, research center and the Getty Foundation. The view from up there was simply gorgeous. You could see all of LA and the area where we live.

A map

Click here for more pictures!

We had a great time up there and later on I took Susi shopping. In the evening, we cooked some dinner and hung out at the apartment, because we had to take Susi to the airport really early on Sunday morning.

The last few days were kind of busy. We ran some errands, went shopping, did the laundry [we go to a big laundromat instead of using the washer and dryer at our apartment building, because there is only one, I think, and we usually have at least 4 or 5 loads each time we get around to doing the laundry] and I worked quite a bit on the apartment. There are so many unpacked boxes that I have to sort through. It’s fun, but also time consuming. It will take me a few more days before I’ll be done with this and I haven’t decided yet, if I am going to take any pictures of our place before I haven’t bought some new accessories that we badly need. Be patient ;)

P.S. Happy Nikolaus! It’s not observed in the US and I missed finding Nikolaus chocolate in my boots this morning, but I hope you German people have been treated well with chocolates ;)

  1. California…you made me so jealous hun! Can’t believe it’s 13 years ago, that I was an au pair there. Sometimes it still seems like yesterday and I would go back in a heartbeat. It looks like a really nice green area where you live!
    Really looking forward to pics of your apartment! Have a great day, sweets!

  2. Oh your area looks beautful with so many trees! How long does it take you to go to downtown LA?
    I think being at the beach without a winter jacket is a great tradeoff for Nikolaus but maybe Jon can put some things in your shoes next year. :)
    *hugs* Hope you’re well Sweetie!

  3. it really looks great there. i’m a tad jealous but we’re working on coming next spring so i get to finally see it myself :) have fun getting the apartment ready. i can’t wait to see pictures. big *smooch* !

  4. those pictures look great. and of course it’s kind of odd seeing people walking barefoot in december. lol felt the same being in phoenix in jan. you lucky you;-) but over here it’s still pretty warm for german circumstances, too.
    i really enjoyed the pics. they are beautiful. good that you guys had such a nice time together and some rock&roll;-)

  5. My German Grandfather and my English Grandmother raised me. I was raised with all the Germand and English traditions! You will have to teach your Hubby to celebrate these holidays with you. How much fun this will be.

  6. Ohh – no downtown in LA Sanna! Sannie has to tell you that story sometimes. :-)

    Gosh, that weekend was so much fun! And now I am stuck in the cold and snow.

    Miss you! Biiiig hugs!


  7. It really looks beautiful where you live. My friend will be moving to San Diego in a couple of weeks so I have another reasen to come to CA sometime! :o)

  8. You need to teach him to leave some chocolate for you PRONTO! LOL I always train my roommates ;)

  9. But Susi, it says it in the picture! ;-) Now I wanna hear that story!!!

  10. it is beautiful, the area & the weather. can you believe it’s 2 weeks till x-mas? i can’t! have a wonderful weekend sannie. :)

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