Friday Tidbits

The other day, my sister called me at what struck me as a somewhat unusual time (10 a.m. PST – 7 p.m.  CET) and I was wondering why she called me early. She usually waits until both kids are in bed and asleep, so we have more time to talk. Turns out, it wasn’t my sister, it was Greta who wanted to call me. My heart melted a little bit. And then it completely turned into a puddle when Greta sang two songs for me (with complete lyrics) over the phone.
I mean, jeez, she’s not even two yet! This child is amazing!

* * *

Work has been kicking my butt the last two weeks, not because of a crazy workload, but because of my motivation which has been down in the dumps lately and I don’t even know exactly why. I am just craving time off right now like crazy.

* * *

I’ve been totally hooked on podcasts lately. For the longest time, I didn’t really “get” podcasts (I KNOW, don’t ask me to explain, because I can’t), but then one day, I downloaded the podcast for “A Prairie Home Companion” (specifically, the show that J and I once attended in LA) and then I branched out. I love “This American Life” and I also started downloading some German podcasts (which is pretty cool to listen to some German radio shows again.)
Right now, I prefer podcasts during my workouts over a music playlist.

* * *

I’ve splurged this week and bought myself a little treasure on Etsy. Seriously, this site is evil – in a good way (if that is possible). They’re so many pretty things. I’ve always wanted a “wishbone” necklace and I finally bought one for myself.

* * *

I received a letter from my former piano teacher this week. She turned 96 years old in August and – as always – I wrote her a card to let her know that I was thinking about her and I that I love to reminisce about all the time we spent together in front of the piano. Apparently, she’s always thrilled to receives birthday mail from the US and then she goes on telling everybody about my loyalty throughout all these years. She even sent me some pictures.
She’s such a gem and I am so happy that she’s still doing so well.

How was your week?

  1. My goodness, the story about your piano teacher almost made me tear up and now I really want to contact my elementary school teacher and see how she’s doing! <3
    .-= Kat blogged this: Candyland =-.

  2. I have a wishbone necklace, too! They’re so beautiful.
    .-= Kam blogged this: Reminder- Giveaway and Special Offer =-.

  3. i’m glad you bought yourself that necklace. my camera strap is on the way, too :) oh and i know how “evil” etsy (and the german dawanda) can be. need to give myself time-out from those sites every once in a while… <3 ya and i hope you're having a great weekend!
    .-= kim blogged this: Love Your Shot! Link-Up =-.

  4. Sounds like you had a better one than I did. I’ve been sick most of the week and I feel terrible still.
    We did make a time out and go to the theater and see “Red”. It was fun and light and I laughed a lot and was smiling when I left the theater.
    So sweet about Greta!
    .-= Maribeth blogged this: Autumn =-.

  5. “This American Life” is great. I usually listen to it while baking. :) Very relaxing! You should download the iPod/iPhone “Tagesschau” podcast WITH video! Very neat!
    .-= Stefanie blogged this: The Social Network or lack thereof =-.

  6. PS: i might look into this podcast-thing…
    .-= kim blogged this: Love Your Shot! Link-Up =-.

  7. I went through a workout with podcast phase too. Back then it was “What you missed in history class”, which is part of “How stuff”. It made my exercising time fly by.
    I’ve also been unmotivated at work. It can be because all my life seems to be these days is work, or it could just be that I’m tired and might be coming down with something (keeping my fingers crossed it’s not option two). Maybe it’s the Fall air?
    .-= Jen blogged this: Fall =-.

  8. that is sooo cute about your niece! My sister used to have my nephew call me at work on the phone but he was just over 1 when I left for maternity leave and couldn’t say much.

    I understand the work unmotivation but that is a whole other long story that is not appropriate for the internet.

    I actually don’t “get” podcasts so I completely “get” how you didn’t “get’ them.

    I do “get” the etsy addiction. When I am back at work watch out!

    I love that you write to your piano teacher every year on her birthday. I love that she is 96. I love that she shows off your cards. I love this tidbit.
    .-= Impossibly Alice blogged this: What I Love About Autumn =-.

  9. Oooh, I’d love to see your necklace. Etsy is VERY addictive!! I love podcasts, especially from my beloved BBC radio. Except sometimes I listen to them on the bus and start laughing out loud and look like quite the weirdo lol!

    And I must say, your button is just lovely!
    .-= Emily Jane blogged this: There I was thinking it was just a good idea- and it went and got its own whole day =-.

  10. Letters in the mail.. Oh I love them so much. So sweet.

    p.s. so happy to be book friends!

  11. Aww. That’s so cute of Greta. Emma sang a song for me a while ago on Skype and my brother recorded a little concert of her singing a few months ago. Whenever he wanted to chime in she said “Nee, du bist nur ‘n Junge, du kennst das noch nicht.” Mmmkay!

    Oh, and as soon as I read “podcasts” I thought I should recommend “This American Life”. I love listening to them. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I listen to them. Not because they are boring, but Ira Glass’ voice has something that will put me right so sleep. :)

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