Let’s blog in November.

It’s almost November and you know what that means, right?
NaBloPoMo is upon us.

The official National Blog Posting Month is November of each year and I’ve been participating for the last four years. GASP.
I know. It’s like there is no way around it anymore.
So, I am planning on participating again  this year.  But as the rules go, in order to be a successful particpant, I’ll have to post 30 blog posts in 30 days. And here’s where you come in.

This is your opportunity to chime in and let me know:

  • What would you like to read more about this next month?
  • Anything that you always wanted to ask but never have?
  • Any pictures that you want me to take and post on my blog?
  • Any other ideas, prompts, memes that you’d like to see in a blog post?

Inspire me! You know you want to, because who knows when you’ll get this chance again! Also, this is the perfect time to de-lurk if you haven’t done so in the past ;)

And what about you? Are you participating this year?

Feel free to grab the button in the right sidebar. (I haven’t seen any other  buttons on the NaBloPoMo Website yet, so I made my own.)
Also, make sure to let me know if you’re joining in, so that I can come check out your posts!

  1. tried before and failed miserably. i’ve just gotten back into the blogging thing and don’t wanna stress about it too much. but i’m looking forward to your posts every day! :)
    .-= kim blogged this: 30 Days of Truth Day 12 =-.

  2. I’d partcipate but I usually blog a lot anyway…and I like to post blogs of quality…when I feel pressured to post everyday, I end up putting crap entries!

    You might try the 30 day blog meme, it’s on my site and it would make it easy for you!

  3. I tried to do it last year and it was horrible. Having to post every day annoyed me to the point of taking a break from blogging! You should do picture posts, like tours of your work or favourite places in your city or what’s in your fridge …

  4. Oh I did this in 2007 and 2008. Last year I didn’t because of my thesis, and honestly, I don’t really see it happening this year either. But maybe I can make November my blog 2-3 times a week month. Seeing how I am even failing at that! And as you know it’s not that I don’t know what to blog about.
    .-= Karen blogged this: Homes of my life =-.

  5. I’m for sure not committing to that. I would drop the ball the first week for sure. The quarter is coming to an end, only 3 more weeks to go, but that means a ton of work is coming my way and blogging will just have to wait. But good for you for taking it on. Good luck! I’ll be coming back to read you :)
    .-= Jen blogged this: Birthday Dinner =-.

  6. Best of luck with this! If it weren’t for it being the month before the wedding I probably would have been joining you :)
    .-= Emily Jane blogged this: A Cinematic Paradigm Shift =-.

  7. Hmmm…intriguing… I’ve always wanted to try. Let’s see if I can give it a go!
    .-= Hannah blogged this: He told me to let go =-.

  8. Thank you sooooooooooo much for the button. I have put it on my blog. I am also gonna add you to my blogroll. You have saved me from a lot more frustration. HAHAHA


  9. I’d love to take part, but as I’ll be away for most of the month I’m skipping, but keeping it in mind for next year…
    I think you wrote a post some (as in a long) time ago, about differences between the US and Germany. I don’t remember if it was part of a series, but I’d love to read some more on that.
    .-= Deia blogged this: Greetings from Google =-.

  10. Will be posting all month long this year with NaBloPoMo. Should be fun!
    .-= Maribeth blogged this: Our Mini trip! =-.

  11. Thanks for the button! This will be my fifth year of NaBloPoMo.
    .-= Average Jane blogged this: Average Janes Home Energy Audit =-.

  12. Thanks for the super cute blog badge! I”m bookmarking you and adding you to my blogroll so I can keep visiting in November. I’ll be blogging every day, too!

  13. I grabbed your NaBloPoMo button.. thank you! :)

  14. I’m really excited about participating this month. I have tried various months in the last couple of years. However, this time I’m thinking I’m for sure gonna make it happen. Even though I am going to be gone on vacation, having a medical procedure and traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m going to pre-write entries and set them to post automatically on certain dates. Good luck with your goal as well. I have no idea what I’m gonna write about it. But I’m definitely gonna be writing.

    And as you know from the NaBloPoMo site I have grabbed and am using your button. I really like it. And it has helped to encourage me actually.

    So good luck to us both!! See you on the other side of November!!

    .-= Pam blogged this: Spiders Are More Creative Than I Am =-.

  15. Ooh, this is cool! I’m going to try and do it this year. :) Good luck to you! Hmm maybe take some photos of a day in your life? Or photos of things around your house?
    .-= Holly blogged this: A toothpick is the object most-often choked on by Americans =-.

  16. Thank you so very much for the beautiful mug shot for the NaBlo…. I’m grabbing it to! Does it link back to you or to the main site? Would you mind going to my blog and clicking it to see if I have done it right?
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    .-= Melody blogged this: Jib Jab- Monster Mash! ROLF =-.

  17. I attempted NaBloPoMo last year and failed after a week or two. I just don’t have it in me! I admire you for giving it a go though! I’ll be rooting you on!
    .-= lauryn blogged this: I feel God in this Chilis tonight =-.

  18. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to commit to NaBloPoMo this year. I did write a post yesterday and am going to see how it goes from there. Good luck to you. I am sure you will do fabulous just like the previous years!
    .-= Stefanie blogged this: Where I spend most of my time these days =-.

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