I am off

I’ll get on the plane in less than 8 hours. I am too busy to really update you today, but I wanted to give you my flight info, just in case someone likes to track flights ;)

My parents and my sister will take me to the airport at 4 a.m. [yeah, making it even harder to say goodbye!] and I’ll be leaving Cologne on KLM flight #1804 at 6.55 a.m. I’ll get into Amsterdam Schiphol at 8.15 a.m. Then I’ll have about 5 hours to wait for my connecting flight. I’ll get on KLM flight #601 at 1:20 p.m. and hopefully arrive safely and on time in LA at 3:20 p.m. local time. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly with Immigration. I have a big envelope of papers to present to them. It should all be sufficient though ;)

Then I am off to kiss that guy that has missed me so badly in the last few months! :)

I’ll be in touch.

OMG… it’s happening!

  1. Ahhh San!! Finally!!
    I’ll definitely be tracking your flight!!

    Have a great flight, and my fingers are crossed that everytime with immigration will go smoothly, im sure you wont have any problems though!

    Tons of hugs coming your way and cant wait to welcome ya to the US of A ;-)

    Oh and ps: We heard from the mortgage company and everytime looks like it is working out just fine so we will be moving on dec 3rd!!!!!!! Florida here we come!
    And, like i said, you and your hubby are more than invited to come visit us sometime :-)

  2. DON’T get freaked out if they ask you to wait in the back room. I had to do that once and was terrified. They were totally nice back there and just had to look some shit up. :)

    Have a good flight and that guy who’s been missing you is out of his mind right now because he’s so excited! :)

  3. SUPI !!! Komm gut rueber hier…oder besser…WELCOME BACK !!!
    Ich druecke ganz fest die Daeumchen, dass die Immigration glatt laeuft und werde den Flug auch tracken…nachdem mein Mann mir gezeigt hat, wie sowas geht. ;-)))

    Rein rechnerisch solltest Du nun schon in der Luft sein… Wir denken an Dich !!! ;-)))


  4. Oh mein Gott! I am so happy for you!!!!! Thinking of you on your special day that’ll change your life, Susi

  5. Finally, the day has come! Have a safe flight and I’m sure everything will go smoothly with immigration now!
    Thinking of you and sending you loads of hugs!

  6. all the best, hun!!!! be safe.

  7. oh yay oh yay oh yay!!!!! Jetzt bist du schon in Amsterdam! Hihi!
    Dicken Bussi Mausi und welcome to America! :)

  8. sweetheart,
    it was good talking to you before you left. i already miss you hon. but we’ll make it like the last time, right? i really hope you will have a safe flight and especially also a smooth immigration;-) i know you are worried about it.
    take good care sweetie love ya

  9. its 3.30 over here and you are on your plane to the us now. this is so exciting! hope you have a safe trip and a smooth immigration. :) take care sannie and i am waiting for your update. :) all the best for you! *smooch*

  10. honey, i am SO SORRY i missed your call last night. we were probably out by the time you called and i was so pissed when i got the message. you should be half way there now and i thought about you the second i woke up. fingers are crossed that everything goes nice and smooth and those officers will welcome you with a smile. i’m sure by now the sadness of the goodbye is probably almost forgotten already and you’re antsy to see your man. have a great first kiss and a happy thanksgiving tomorrow and we will talk very, very soon!

    HDGDL and i’m thinking of you!!

  11. Du befindest Dich gerade ueber Kanada, die amerikanische Westkueste hast Du schon hinter Dich gelassen….ich hoffe, Du sitzt bequem, die Traenchen vom Goodbye-Sagen sind vertrocknet, die Stewardessen sind nett zu Dir und dass sie nette Filmchen zeigen, um Dich ein wenig ablenken zu koennen – macht Dir keine Sorgen (das wird Dich sicher fast den ganzen Hiflug beschaeftigen) – die Einwanderungssache wird ohne Probleme verlaufen…da bin ich mir sicher.
    Und in drei Stunden kannst Du endlich Deinem Mann um den Hals fallen. Habt ein wunderschoenes Wiedersehen und ein tolles Thanksgiving !!!

  12. I hope your flight went safe!!! You should already be in L.A. now and I hope you are enjoying your first hours back together with Jon. I am really excited for you! :)

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