I am so pissed today. I got this letter from the Social Security office yesterday that they can’t issue my card, because I didn’t give them all the documents they need to verify my status. I am totally confused because I don’t know what other documents to give them. The only thing I can imagine is a letter from the USGS saying that they want to employ me part-time. I don’t know what to do. The phone line to the social security office was busy all morning and I kept leaving messages and nobody is getting back to me.

Seems as if I am going to miss my first pay check next week but I want the money… I NEED the money.

This is not going to be a good day.

  1. I had to bring in a letter from my employee, so yeah maybe that’s what they need.
    Normally they should be able to start paying you nevertheless though. You can always give them your SSN later.
    And hey, I love that you have a xanga! Easier for me. :-D

  2. Amazing to look back at the struggles you had over ten years ago. TEN YEARS! Where does the time go?

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