Happy Birthday, Dad!


Today is my Dad’s 57th birthday!

This is one of my most favorite photos of us. It was actually taken a few years ago, but it has been my favorite ever since. It very well reflects the relationship that we have. I have always been “Daddy’s girl” and I am so happy that I am still in Germany to celebrate with him today and I know that this is also the greatest gift I can give him. I know it is hard for him when I am not around [and I am not going to be around much soon].

We’re going to have a little party for him tonight and I am so excited about it, because it is always nice when we have people over to celebrate :)

Happy Birthday, Dad, and I hope you will live a long and healthy life. I don’t know what I would do without you! You’re the best Dad in the world!

  1. Happy birthday to your dad!!!

  2. Awwww, such a beautiful post! The picture is adorable, I can see you are “Daddy’s girl”! Happy birthday to him and enjoy the party!

  3. Aww happy birthday Sannie’s Dad!!

    What a cute pic of the two of you! Im a daddys girl too so i can relate!

  4. what a sweet picture. happy b-day sandra’s dad! enjoy the day with your family and loved ones. :)

  5. That’s a great picture!!!


    Have a great party.

    My dad is going to become 60 next March. I hope I can be there. Probably not. :-( But I am eight month pregnant at that time…

  6. that is such a sweet pic of you and daddy. know how much your daddy means to you. so hopefully you had a nice party with your folks. smoochie

  7. I love that picture. You guys look so happy!

    Happy Birthday to your dad!

  8. that picture is ADORABLE! i love it. happy birthday San’s dad!!

  9. Oh yeah…there was actually more than one NKOTB concert…there were 3….*cough* ok 4 …Im very ashamed!

  10. Beautiful picture of you and your dad!! I’m also a daddy’s girl. We gotta stick together!

    Happy Birthday San’s Dad!!! (sorry I’m late!)

  11. Happy! (belated!) birthday to your poppa. : ) Also, you are beautiful!

  12. What a sweet photo of you and your dad! It sounds as if he had a wonderful birthday party. :-)

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