SPF: Getting annoyed with Kristine


1. Stuff that annoys the living shit out of you.


THIS up there is just plain annoying. I mean, come on… give me a break. I am not a teenager anymore and I really don’t understand why I was untroubled by acne as a teenager and get zits NOW. This is so not fair. Usually it’s nothing major, but I can feel it if it starts building up under my skin and then I have to walk around with big fat red dot on my face for days. I am really getting better in NOT touching it at all, but still… can this please stop? I do clean my face twice a day, I am using cosmetic articles and I am seeing my cosmetician on a regular basis… this is really so not right.

2. YOUR space.


Well, this apartment up there on the second floor is my space. I’ve only seen it once when J and I picked out the apartment, but it’s MY space and I really want to live there now. I want to make it even more MY space by setting everything up the way I want. J says that it’s my responsiblity and I’d like to bear it.

3. Something in your life that keeps the makers of Xanax in business.


I’ve posted about my aunt before. I really love her and I’d do anything for her, but she does put my composure to the test sometimes. I have managed to stay more calm about certain things she does, although it really does annoy me fathomlessly that she asks for advice and then does the opposite.

  1. oooh she looks like a little pixie with a bit of the devil mixed in :-)

    Thanks for visiting!

  2. San, you rock! I can’t believe you posted the pic of your zit…but you know what? Other than that little thing your skin looks flawless! And dont feel bad, I NEVER NEVER had any zits as a teen, not one…and now that im in my 20’s they start popping up out of nowhere! No fair!

    Cute apartment complex! You soon will be able to decorate and set it up just how you like it and it will soon be your very special place :-) My fingers are still crossed!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. hun, i am crossing fingers and toes for you to be in your space VERY SOON. i’m sure that’ll take care of #1 as well… big *smooch* and i’m gonna see you in a few hours :D

    well, and of course i played… DUH!

  4. Wishing you and Kim a great weekend and sending over some sunshine!

  5. hey sweetheart,
    i am so sad reading your last entry. lol i was still waiting on xanga for an update. stupid me, i know. so i really hope this whole ldr shit is finally over soon. it is ridiculous that you are married nearly for 8 month. wow. have a wonderful weekend with kimmy. hope you guys have a wonderful time. and i the strange thing is, i knew you would post for rule no. 3 that pic. intuation, huh?;-) love you, honey.

  6. I totally understand about the acne. I don’t know what it is but I seem to have brutal skin!!! I hate it! I keep trying different things, but nothing seems to work. We’ll see how this Clinique stuff works.

    Have a great weekend with Kim!! I’m sure you will!

  7. lol. too cute. have a great weekend with kimmie and dont worry i get zits all the time. love ya

  8. Great pix!

    I played :)

  9. It’s just been in the last year or 2 that my face has started breaking out, so I feel for you and it’s horrible. Your new apartment looks cool, you’ll have to post pics after you get in!!

    I played!

  10. Zits as an adult are just not fair!
    Good luck on the new apartment.
    Happy SPF and I played too.

  11. Bwahahahaha…I know lots of people like your Aunt. The zit thing ticks me off too and I HAVE a teenager.

    Great SPF!

    I played.

  12. you’ve been officially tagged! go peek over at ‘my place’

    : ) annejelynn

  13. Adult zits are the worst — I use Neosporin when I get anything like that and it works real well. I don’t know if you have that there. Great SPF!

    I played, but am commenting a bit late because of Blogger being such a mess yesterday.

  14. Oh no! Not a zit! That sucks! :( I really despise the ones just under my nose… sooo painful! :(

    So how is this new site working for ya?

  15. ah yeah… pimples…. yeah… totally hear ya!!! ;-(
    Hope you’ll get to your space soon!!!

  16. great pix, hun. :) hope you will be able to see your space soon!

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