Visa News

J received the approval notice for our petition I-130 [immigration visa CR1] in the mail last week. Sounds more exciting than it is, because we still have some more weeks of paperwork ahead of us – but it basically means that our case was APPROVED and the necessary steps to complete the process are being taken by the USCIS – forms will be mailed to a different visa center from where they will be sent to the consulate in Germany eventually. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that everything will have gone through by the end of June – I really don’t want to re-book my flight again!

J has bought his wedding suit last week :) I am hopeful that I’ll be able to pick out our wedding rings this week as well, although I still don’t know his ring size, but we’ll have a nice talk tomorrow on the phone about the urgent matters :)
I also have an appointment at the bridal store this week for the dress fitting. I can hardly remember what the dress looks like that I picked out :) so I hope I’ll still like it :) I was a little bit surprised when I was told to bring my shoes and my underwear, why my underwear? [Besides, I still don’t have underwear, one more thing on the list :)].

Our wedding is in four weeks. I am surprised how calm I am about everything. I still have so much to organize, but at the same time I think I’ve been getting a lot done lately -which is good :)

Yesterday I spent a day with some girlfriends that I hadn’t seen in years! We had set the date for a “reunion” a while ago and it was so much fun! We went shopping [well, just looking, not buying ;)] and had ice-cream and just talked and talked and talked :) I was pretty much gone the whole day, spent some time with my sister in the evening, because we wanted to talk some more about the deco for the wedding and the buffet.

Today there was the Frühlingsfest [spring celebration] downtown and all the shops were open for business. My whole family went out and -believe it or not – my sister and I bought something for each other’s wedding. I told you that I was still looking for a dress, but now I bought a top and a jacket [and I hope that I’ll find a nice skirt to go with it next week]. I am really satisfied with my choice, because I really think the top is beautiful – have a look here. Yeah, it’s true, you always find the nicest things, when you’re not looking for anything ;)

Have a great 1st of May :)