Ladies and Gentlemen – the wedding invitations are ready to be sent out :) I can’t believe this day finally came. I received a call from the print shop this morning that the prints were actually ready to be picked up and even though I had to pay more than I expected [for some odd reasons], I was really happy that I could finally finish this part of the wedding preparations. I really think the invitations turned out nicely :)
I got the package ready which will be send out to Jon’s parents tomorrow [so that they can send out the invitations in the US] and I’ll start giving out the other invitations here in Germany as well.

The last three days I was basically busy with addressing the envelopes and helping my sister with more computer stuff – I can’t believe how much time this shit takes. My sister never made a backup of her files, so we’re burning everything on cd’s right now – and I mean, EVERYTHING! We spent two whole evenings on that already! Hey, the good thing is that I get to spend time with Nina and we can do other stuff, too, while the computer is working ;) I must admit that it is really nice to be around her so much – I don’t want to think about the time when I am back in California and all we have is phone and email. She always misses me very much and I miss her, too. I enjoy being around her and do stuff like shopping and hanging out. I really want to use the time that we have until I leave to enjoy her company.
It’s funny, because although I am a “family person”, I dare to move so far away knowing that I won’t see my family very often. I guess it’s almost the same as with my friends – even though I can’t see them, they’re always close to my heart. I just wish I never get to the point where it physically hurts me to be away from them so much.
Seriously, as a kid I was the most fearful and shy kid you could imagine – I didn’t even want to stay at someone’s birthday party by myself, let alone stay somewhere over night. I don’t know how many times my parents had to take me home or pick me up early. My sister on the other hand was very outgoing and always was my own private guardian. She would always make sure that I am OK, she would ask things for me, if I was too shy to do it myself – my teacher in elementary school even told me in her goodbye letter in 4th grade that I should start standing up for myself and not rely on my sister so much.
It’s funny that exactly this shy girl would be ending up traveling the world! :)