This was before the game.


I was really hoping the German team would make it to the World Cup finals. I was all excited the whole day yesterday… I watched at home on the couch again with my parents and my aunt. We all had gotten out our fan accessories *lol* and somehow I was pretty positive that our guys could beat the Italians this time… really beat their asses for the thing they did before the semi-final regarding the disqualification imposed on Torsten Frings.
I mean I knew that it would be a hard game, but when they started overtime with 0:0, I thought they could really hold out for the penalty-shooting. What a bummer!

I still have a lot of respect for the German team. Who would have thought a few weeks ago that they would make it that far? Our guys really owe their success to Juergen Klinsmann, who did an amazing job as their coach and Jens Lehmann, their awesome goalie. They can be proud of their achievement. They also were very fair and likeable underdogs… disappointed, but still with their chins up :)

Overall the World Cup was a great success for the team and a great success for Germany. The atmosphere during the last few weeks was unbelievable and I think the slogan really fitted well: A time to make friends [well… I liked the German slogan even better: Zu Gast bei Freunden… but the translation didn’t work well].