Don’t freak out… *hehe*

I had one of these weird thoughts last night.
If I wasn’t myself, would I want to be friends with me??? *lol*
I think this online test (see last post) made me think of it and I was just wondering what it would be like to know myself as a “friend”… like, I am someone else and I am friends with “Sannie” :)
would I think “Wow, what a cool person” or more like “losen up a little” :) it’s not like I am not having fun, but I am not the big “party girl” and sometimes I get the feeling that everyone else is, but me! And if there’s something wrong with that (haha, Sanni, does that sound familiar? :))
I know, I am kind of a weirdo, you must think… but I just can’t help thinking about weird stuff like that sometimes (of course, I won’t post all of my weird thoughts on xanga :) I still want you to like me *hehe*)

So back to the every day stuff… I went on a long walk with Jon last night. I think we know our neighborhood by heart by now *lol* I just love walking around and looking at houses. I am fascinated how people decorate there homes and I love to peak into the windows. It’s so much fun to see how other people live. I also realized, Americans…. excuse me… Californians don’t use their garages as garages, but as storage lockers *lol* It is so funny (but surely due to most houses not having a basement), because they’re overflowing with boxes, bikes, and all kinds of crap. Oh yeah, and of course the occasional work bench ;)

When we got back, we watched some SATC (yeah, I am still into it, even though I haven’t mentioned it very much lately) and then I finished your letter, Cath. I put it in the mail this morning :)

And now I think it’s time to go home… I am hungry and I don’t feel like working anymore *lol* see you tomorrow.

  1. lol you are such a goof :-) If you werent you would you be friends with yourself? lol the answer is Ofcourse you would… and we all love you the way you are… weird thoughts and all :-)
    I better go now – need to go do a heappy dance since you have put my letter in the mail :-) Why are people at work looking at me funny?? Doesnt everyone have their own happy dances??
    See ya know the only weird one :-)
    {v} ya and miss ya tonz
    Big hugs to Jon :-)

  2. hey gorgeous,
    what is your beautiful brain doin??? sure you wanna be friends with you. is a person just good, interesting…whatever when you are the big party person?naaaaa!!! it is not that you are a person that noone could have fun with. so please stop thinking about that. you are perfect the way you are. BASTA!!!!
    well, but i can totally understand that some of those tests make you think. at the moment i am addiceted to those, to show myself that i am not a damn loser to be worth treatn like shit. you know what i mean. it helps a bit. *lol*
    it’s not only californians who use their garages as extra storage room. bostonians do it, too. *lol* yeah, i love to watch other peoples houses how they live and decorate stuff. and i love all those deco shows on tv. or just watching the ikea catalogue…..$$$$$ in my eyes….next week they wil open up in siegen…..YAY
    well, gotta go to work…;bummed:
    love u with all my heart.

  3. wow — www-confession-time, hm? it’s weird, but it seems like sometimes we have to make sure that it’s clear that an online-diary like this certainly shows only a small percentage of what you really think and feel and all. which is good. i remember you all being bummed about my “confessing”-post the other day ;-) but that’s just the way it is. of course you hava thoughts like that. normal. i have them all the time. and all i can say is: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Seussand i {v} you and i’m glad and feel blessed i know you. party-chick or not

  4. Oh, wow, thanks for making me feel guilty….hopefully you didn´t come across thos thoughts because of me??? Shall I copy your letter and send it right back to you? *lol*
    Let me tell you that I couldn´t love you more if you were slightly different…actually I think I wouldn´t love you the way I do if you were a party animal! You have gorgeous friends (just look above?my comment)!
    Although it is hard doubting yourself (like anyone here already did? in their diaries btw ;-)) it makes us special because we don´t just think we are the queens of the world. We are refelcting about ourselves and trying to improve. That makes us special in my eyes.
    Amen :-D

  5. Hey, I am not much of a party girl either. I feel the same way a lot. Especially living here with all these exchange students who party every weekend, I do kinda feel a little odd, but to be honest, I just don’t like loud parties where all you do is get drunk, so I have decided not to go to those any more just to please others.At home we use our garage as a sort of storage room, but also for the car (as in along the sides we have stored stuff in shelfes and closets, and it just leaves enough space for the car (and to get in the car, but sometimes there is only enough space on the driver’s side to get in :p)

  6. hi and i am the most boring person ever, so why do you hang out with me? ;-) lol. dont worry, i bet you would love yourself. thats a funny thought though. would i like myself? oh girl, now you got me thinking! hehe. THANKS A LOT. i love window peaking as well, but good thing my appartment is on the top floor so nobody can peak into my life! ;-) love ya, you are the best!

  7. thanks girls! i love you all from the bottom of my heart {v}

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