I love my dress

God, I am busy. Can you tell? I haven’t updated in 4 days again…
Monday morning I woke up to see this in our garden:


I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was wondering how Mother Duck and her ducklings had gotten into our garden. She was hectically searching for a way out, but when I checked the fence, I couldn’t find a hole or anything where they could have gotten in. Ducks can usually fly, I know, but the ducklings were definitely too small for flying. I watched them the whole morning and when it started to rain in the afternoon, they were hiding beneath a bush. I haven’t seen them since… obviously they must have found a way out of our garden again. Ah, but they were so adorable.

Tuesday I had my tutoring lessons in the afternoon and then I tried to sit down and make a seating chart for the wedding. It is kind of hard to put people at the right tables – especially if you want to have certain people sit together and other under no circumstances *g* I am pretty sure, I will rethink a couple more times :)

Yesterday I had an appointment at the bridal store for the dress fitting :) I picked out the dress in February and I could hardly remember what the dress looked like. I was wondering if I would still like it… but when I tried it on again, there was no single doubt in my mind that it was the right choice.
There was another girl trying on her dress… cute girl and pretty dress…. but the girl was HUGE. I thought it was very unthoughtful from the tailor to ask me to stand next to her in front of this big mirror… I mean, she still looked pretty and I told her so, but I hope she didn’t feel uncomfortable.
My wedding shoes seem to be very comfortable and I am so happy with my choice. The dress fitting took about an hour and it was fun walking around in it. I am looking forward to wearing it a whole day :)
One thing I still can’t believe is: I totally and absolutely forgot to take any pictures… again! *aargggh* I don’t know how you can forget something important like this, but I did. I am so angry with myself. I’ll have another chance to finally take some pictures when I pick it up in two weeks.
I was able to pick up Nina’s veil though and we met with her later, because she got her hair done by Dirk’s aunt… and they were also trying out some more wedding hair styles. I think she has decided on how she wants to have her hair on her big day… I still haven’t  oh well…

I was busy with phone calls this morning… first talked to Keith, a friend of Jon’s Dad and our protestant pastor at the wedding. He was very nice and his German is perfect [well, he’s lived in Germany for numerous years now]… and he’ll be helping me with planning the ceremony. This is awesome. He’ll also get in touch with the catholic pastor and talk about details with him. We won’t meet with any of them before the 20th of May, so he really takes some pressure of my chest.
I also called Geneva again… very nice people at the church there, just totally incapable of sending out a piece of paper to my address. I’ve called them twice in the last three weeks and I still haven’t gotten Jon’s baptismal record. I really hope it’ll get here soon!

I ran some errands later and then had two tutoring lessons in the afternoon. I love my new student… he’s so cute and it’s fun to work with him. What really angers me is that he seems to be pretty good with English grammar and all [he can actually explain every rule to me – ok, he’s only in 5th grade, but he can actually explain a rule and not just give an example], but he just can’t deal with the phrasing of exercises. In my opinion it’s all about concentrating and really reading and understanding the task.

That’s been my week so far… pretty busy…