Yes! Tobi made it – he’s the new German Teen Idol :) I am so happy – I didn’t want Mike Leon to win [hey, and I usually don’t even watch these kind of shows ;)] – but Ilka and I had a fun night on the couch on Saturday night and watched the finale of DSDS. I was so hoping that Tobi would make it. I really think he has a great voice and I like the kind of music he sings. It’s awesome that he won, and I really hope he’ll make it big.

OK, back to my weekend – Friday night, my sister and I went to Cologne to see a friend for her “farewell party”. She’ll be moving to Sacramento at the end of the week. We went to a bar in Downtown Cologne and I was soooo under-dressed :( I thought we would go to a pub and have a drink, but it was more like a lounge-type-of-thing and everybody was dressed up, wearing make up and all that. Oh well, I felt kind of “young” between all these dressed up people, don’t I look like 12? ;)


Saturday, I took the train to Siegen at 1 p.m. and Ilka picked me up at the train station at 4 p.m. We went shopping and then had a cozy evening on the couch and watched DSDS [see above]. It was fun to talk and hang out :)

Sunday morning, we slept in and after a nice breakfast, my sister arrived in Siegen and we chatted a little bit and we showed Ilka our wedding dresses. Then we went downstairs and she did our hair :) I was so amazed what you can do with my hair ;) I am still not totally decided on how I want to have it done – but it was good to start trying things out and Ilka did a fantastic job [thanks hun!].

We had some coffee and cake afterwards and Nina and I got home at 9 p.m. and I was kind of tired and went to bed pretty early.

Today my sister and I went to a crafts and garden store near Cologne to look for decorational stuff for the wedding. It’s so hard to decide what you want.
I’ll be able to pick up the invitations at the print shop at the beginning of next week. We had some problems last Friday, because of the file format that I submitted to the print shop and Kim helped me to straigthen things out with them [they wanted to charge me an extra 120 euros for something that they had to change and hadn’t asked me about beforehand. WTF?]. Fortunately I talked to them and they said that they wouldn’t charge me the extra costs. They’d better NOT! So, things are moving along :)