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I really regret that I’ve never lived with my sister. Yes, of course, I lived with my sister when we still lived at home at my parents’ house. I mean, I regret never having shared an apartment with her. Before marriage and (her) kids and all.
I think we would have been terrific roommates. Compatible to no end. Which might strike you as odd, seeing that sisters usually get into fights over one thing or another, and believe me, my sister and I did have some rougher patches during our teenage years.
However, now in retrospect I think it would have been marvelous to have shared an apartment with her. It might just be a nostalgic idea and the thought might just stem from the wonderful and close relationship we have now.

When I mentioned this thought to my sister on the phone the other day, she instantly started trying to explain how different – though not less close – our relationship was back then, and how she went to college in one city, while I decided to go to college about 50 miles in the opposite direction, how there was really no point to move out at the same time (as it would have put more financial pressure on our parents or we both would have had to work much more than we did through college). But I stopped her right there and explained: I know that we obviously were in a completely different mind-sets back then and the thought of moving into a place together never crossed our minds. I just wanted to point out that now in retrospect, it would have been a fun experience.

Whenever I visit back home, one of the most special times during my visits is when I stay over at my sister’s place. We slip into the same bed under the same covers, like we used to when we were younger, and hold hands and talk. We can talk about everything. And I mean, literally everything.
She’s possibly the only person in the world that I would tell my deepest, darkest secret (not that I have any!) without ever worrying that she would judge me or love me any less because of it.

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Did you ever share an apartment with a sibling? Or do you wonder what it would have been like?

  1. I’ve never shared a place with a sibling aside from the home we grew up in. My sister and I are 6.5 years apart, so it wouldn’t have ever been feasible until now (as she’s 18 and could potentially live “on her own”), except that I’m an old married lady already. I think we probably would’ve gotten along okay for the most part, but we definitely butt heads from time to time, even now. Maybe in a few years, she could live in a guest house on our property or something (because, yeah, in my dreams I’m totally loaded with money). :-P
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  2. Ha, I think you wrote this after reading my sisters blog, yes? So you know how I feel about mine. But I’m glad that you also love and appreciate yours so much!

  3. I was the last born, so by the time I was actually old enough, my brother and sister were already married. No chance. Oh well. I do talk to my sister about possibly sharing a home when our husbands are gone.
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  4. I cannot fathom living in the same apartment as my brother. We are incredibly close and have a great relationship. But, he is messy by nature. Really messy. And I am neat. And that’s like oil and water. And I’d hate to think how that would negatively affect our relationship. So, it’s good, very good, that we never lived together.
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  5. I couldn’t imagine sharing an apartment with my brother either. We were never that close growing up, and now we’re both adults, it’s like we’re from different planets – especially in regards to home living! He’d be like one of my string of nightmare roommates – piling up all my plates and forks in his room and leaving half finished meals on them in there stagnating for a week. It’d be really frustrating!
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  6. Never wonder. Never would want to. but I have a brother and we don’t talk often anyway. :)
    .-= Fabulous´s last blog ..Protected- Friendship =-.

  7. I lived with one of my sisters when I was 19 and she was 22. I lasted 4 months and had to move out! We’re much closer when we don’t live together …

  8. I have never shared a place with a sibling either. And honestly, while my brother and I get along quite well nowadays, I couldn’t imagine living with him just because he’s such a slob. He’s the guy who simply replaced the stove top in his kitchen after two years because he never cleaned it and it got to a point where it became impossible to clean. It was on sale at IKEA, and he simply bought a new one. Can you believe that?
    I think living with him would slowly drive me mad. But I do love my brother. Haha.
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  9. I love my sister. And we get along fine now, as long as my parents aren’t around. But we are very, very different people, and living together would be a disaster. We barely survived through adolescence, I finally felt at home, once she got married and moved out at age 24. I was 20 and it happened not a day too soon, believe me.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..What ifs =-.

  10. I just wanted to pop in here telling you how I love to look at your 365 project every night…

    And you two would get along awesome – because you are twins! I think that is different than being 4 or 5 years apart.

  11. As you know, my sister and I don’t have a relationship as great as you and your sister. It’s not that we don’t like each other and get along but too much is too much when it comes to us.

    My sister never lived in an apartment she went right from living at home to being a home owner. It seems a lot of people in the area I grew up do that. I got an apartment before I become a home owner. For me it was the perfect transition to learning my independence before having the complete responsibility of being a homeowner. I would recommend this to my daughter when she gets older.

    When I did move into my first apartment, my sister did have regret. Not that we never lived together but that she never took this step. It also helped that my apartment was large and cute for one person with no belongings and had a long galley kitchen.
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  12. I am with Fabulous. I never wondered and if I had, I wouldn’t want to. Although my sister and I have completely opposite characters, we do get a long better nowadays. She is finally settling down with her boyfriend and living life like an adult. It’s been taking a long time to get her there.
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..Things I have learned in the past month =-.

  13. I’ve never thought about this until reading this post probably because my sister and I are 8 years apart. I definitely would NEVER want to live with her, haha. I can’t stand her right now (high school attitude & stuff).
    .-= steph anne´s last blog ..Hide &amp Seek at a 26th Birthday Party – Are We Normal =-.

  14. I lived with my sister and her husband for 4.5 months when I first moved to Boston and was jobless and homeless. And, um, I LOVED it. My sister and I have always been very close (played on the same sports teams, went to the same college, even had a few of the same friends, etc.), but living with her (and even her husband!) at a later stage in life when we were old enough to go out together and drink together and enjoy the beautiful city of Boston together was such a treat, such a joy.

    I don’t know if I’d do it again though, thanks to the arrival of my new niece! :)
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..We are each the love of someone’s life =-.

  15. no way. i mean not since she moved out. i love my sister but we’re completely (!) different including things like how much time to ourselves we need, how “clean” clean is, how to manage money etc. i like to see her every once in a while but we’re universes away from being BFFs and i think it’d take me less than a week of living with her to be ready to kill her. :)
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