I am not easily frustrated and usually a very patient person, but the last few days just really put me over the edge.

First of all, I’ve been trying to work on the church ceremony. I found some useful information on the Internet, but now the problem is: which songs, readings etc. to actually pick out. I am trying to collect some readings I came across, but still haven’t found the “perfect” reading for us. I am also trying to pick out songs, but some have been used a lot for weddings and I really want to find one that fits my relationship with Jon.

Second, Nina and I went shopping in Köln yesterday. Our goal was to buy some shoes for the wedding – just white shoes, that is. I personally don’t like the real wedding shoes, because they look all the same and I would definitely not wear them again afterwards, because they just look like wedding shoes. I would like some shoes that I could wear at the wedding AND later on as well. Unfortunately, right now the really pointed shoes are “hip” and I hate them. I really don’t like the style and I know that I would only wear them at the wedding and then never again. The ballerina-type shoes [with heels] are kind of popular right now as well and I think I could be fine with that, but the problem is that there are no white shoes of this kind, and if there are, they have big brown heels. WTF?
Nina and I spent 7 hours walking around and checking out every single shoe shop and didn’t find any shoes that we really liked. The only compromise would be sandals like this, but the heel is way too high for the whole wedding day so I am pretty lost right now.

Third, Nina and I also looked for potential dresses to wear as the maid of honor on each other’s wedding, it’s impossible to find one. The problem is: most dresses are too “casual”, the more elegant ones are either always black OR they just won’t fit. If it fits around my breasts, it’s too lose around my waist and hip-  if it fits there, I can definitely NOT fit my boobs. It’s so frustrating!
I also must say that I don’t like the current fashion very much. Sigh. I am considering a two piece- outfit now or just hope for a miracle.
On a nicer note, I met “a friend from the past”


for coffee on Friday which was fun and I bought Tobi’s single :) :) Yeah, I am crazy! :)
I spent Friday night at my sister’s place, because she had someone come over to fix her computer and she wanted me to be there [because she’s an computer-illiterate :)], and later on we had dinner together and talked some more wedding stuff. [If that seems to be a sentence popping up in most of my posts lately, you are right! :)]

Today I wanted to keep myself busy with addressing the wedding invitation envelopes, so that I can send them out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it seems like there are certain “rules” in the US on how to address envelopes traditionally and of course, I don’t have the necessary information to do that – so I had to contact Jon’s parents again to find out.

There is always something.