This and that

10 years ago I was 19 and had just finished Gymnasium (highschool). I was not very happy about it, because I would have liked to stay in school for a little longer. I really liked being in school and didn’t look forward to the new part of my life.
I went on a trip to the Canary Islands with my ex-boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend (the only time I have EVER taken a beach vacation!) and I had already applied at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf to study Geography and English.

5 years ago: I went to New York and on a two week road trip through New England with my ex-boyfriend. We had a great time and I was already planning in my head that I wanted to study abroad before finishing my degree

1 year ago: I was living in CA with Jon and I was working for the USGS… also planning out an extension of my J-1 visa for another 8 months. I was definitely having a fantastic time!

I was having a good time with Susi in Köln, but I also couldn’t stop thinking about my visa trouble… I wish that only one time things would go through without a hassle :(

5 snacks i enjoy: red berries with vanilla icecream, apple pie, cheez-its, knäckebrot mit teewurst, licorice

5 songs i know all the words to: thin air [pearl jam], sick cycle carousel [lifehouse], unwell [matchbox20], and all new kids and joe mcintyre songs :)

5 things i would do with $100 million dollars: pay off my parents’ debts, buy a nice house with Jon, treat my family and friends to something they need/like, donate some money for good causes

5 places i would ran away to: running away seems a little bit ironic with a world of boundaries, wars, visa regulations… but I would like to go somewhere where it is peaceful and where everyone is happy and loving

5 things i would never wear: socks w/ sandals, leggins, neon-colors, loafers, tapered pants

5 favorite tv shows: summerland, sex and the city, my so-called life, friends, family guy

5 biggest joys: to love somebody and being loved, having good friends, seeing kids explore the world, watching animals, being with family and friends

5 favorite toys: my notebook (mos def), my digi cam, www, stationaries, Jon ;)

5 people i tag: since some of you guys have been tagged already… cathy, sanni, marie, tanja and viviane

  1. I tried to ignore it but now that my name was mentioned the second time… :-D? translates “to tag” with auszeichnen, markieren, beschilder…wtf???
    I am keeping my fingers and anything else crossed??:love:

  2. Oh I liked My So-Called Life! Jared Leto was soooo hot!??:sunny:
    Still crossing my fingers for your visa!
    Oh hey, did Jon ever mention a large envelope that arrived for you?

  3. you forgot my name! :-( i see how it is…??:(?:cry:?:jealous: but ok, i stll LOVE you!??:laugh:?:lol:

  4. uti, i thought just because ilka and kim tagged you, i was going to put some other names in??:lol: doesn’t mean i love you less??:giggle:??:heartbeat: you honey.

  5. honey,
    i can’t believe that i nearly know you since 10 years. and i remember when you and thomas went to new england. and you showed him all around boston.?:lol: my so called live…i loooooooved it. jared leto…rrraaaarrrr!!!!
    i am keeping my fingers crossed for you and i hope you keep me updated via email on my business cell. i won’t be able to have the internet for a week?:eek:?:eek:?:eek: oh my god, how could i survive this??????
    love ya sweetie,

  6. ..still no clue what “to tag” means in this context…??

  7. hey sweety!?:sunny: i enjoyed reading these things?about you! OMG i LOVE my so called life!!!??:heartbeat:claire danes and jared leto?:heartbeat: Miss that show!?:(

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