Our “honeymoon” has pretty much been being lazy and watching movies the last few days *LOL* On Wednesday, Jon took me to the movies and we saw “The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe“. What a fantastic movie! I love these kind of dark fairy tales a lot. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you go and see it soon! I made my potato dish for dinner and then in the evening, we started watching the first two episodes of “X-Files First Season”. Jon is desperately trying to get me into it ;) and I enjoyed watching it – I am just not that big of a fan of movies/series about aliens and that kind of stuff ;)

Thursday, we watched “Mr. Holland’s Opus“, a very good movie about a composer who becomes a music school teacher and totally blossoms in his role as an educator. When the school’s music program is cut because of budget problems, he fights for the right of students to learn music. I found that pretty interesting since Jon told me that he only had music lessons in Middle School and neither in Elementary nor Highschool. I told him that in Germany, we have music lessons pretty much from 1st to at least 10th grade and I find that important, too. I always loved the music lessons in school.

Yesterday, we had planned to go to the Bay Area for the day, but we slept in late and then decided to go sometime next week. I watched “The Notebook“ while having breakfast :) [I just LOVE that movie and I love HBO which is playing a couple of good movies right now. I really want to enjoy American TV and American movies while I am here… I know I won’t get that for a while.]

We went out to dinner at Bakers Square and I had some yummy Apple pie as desert :) and then we returned home to watch the Kings play the L.A. Clippers… and they won! We were so excited!! Before we went to bed, we watched “Bad Santa” and let me tell you, what a f***ed up movie! I mean, I somehow enjoyed watching it, but I don’t know how many times Jon was saying “Geeez” and how many times I was just speechless shaking my head about what was going on. I can’t explain it any further, but you have to see for yourself.

I am not sure yet what we’re up to today, but it looks like it’s going to be sunny, so we might go out and do something (as soon as Jon wakes up *lol*). Have a great weekend!