It’s almost weekend

yes! and I am looking forward to it… :) technically this is my last weekend before my work here is over (well, for the time being!). My visa expires June, 30, which is next Thursday. It”s kind of weird to think that it might be my last week of working at the USGS, although I pretty confident now that I’ll come back after the summer.I sent in my waiver application on Wednesday (and I tracked the FedEx envelope online – it was delivered at the State Department this morning!), so know I am pretty much waiting to get the advisory opinion saying that I am not subject to the two-year home requirement OR get a letter saying that the waiver application has been approved :)
My sponsor is working on my visa stuff, so I can then go to the embassy in Frankfurt and get my H-1B visa. At least I’ve covered all my bases and I think it’s a snowball’s chance in hell that it won’t work out. Nevertheless, I probably won’t stop worrying until I walk out of the embassy with my visa approval ;)

I am planning to book a flight for the end of July. Yeah, I know I should seriously look into that right now (!), but I am still unsure which return date to pick – some time in early September, I hope. So it looks like that I’ll be around for the whole month of August and possibly a little more. I am actually very much looking forward to seeing my family and friends, esp. Sanni, Ilka, Kim and Susi :) we’re going to have such a blast together!

The last two nights we have been cooking and hanging out with Aaron and Maria. Jon is very excited to have his friend around. I can tell :) tonight we’re going to have a BBQ :) oh yeah, and the other good news for the weekend:
I bought tickets today for LIFEHOUSE in San Francisco Saturday night!
Aaron casually mentioned that he had been looking for gigs in SF this weekend and slipped in that Lifehouse is playing. I totally flipped out, because I didn’t know about it – so I checked online for tickets this morning and ordered two for Jon and me :) so we”re going to SF tomorrow! I am so excited!

On this note: Thanks to everyone who voted for Joe on (and don’t forget to vote again this week! Very important!)… he made it to the next round on Wednesday!
The judges were really hard on him and Ashley and they got the lowest points, although I thought their performance was amazing!

But obviously all our advertising paid off and enough people voted over the phone and online… they made it! I am so excited!

  1. I hope you have a blast at the Lifehouse concert but I know you will! I’m so jealous. In two weeks they’re playing in Dallas, now that I’m not there any more!!! :cry:

  2. hey süße!?:sunny: Ui wie toll! Wünsch dir ganz viel Spaß aufm Lifehousekonzert! und noch nen schönes We!??:heartbeat:

  3. I am so happy for you that you got to see Lifehouse! By incident, this is so funny :-)
    And I am also happy that you get along well with Maria right now. I hope it´ll last. But I don´t know anyone who wouldn´t be glad to be friends with you, because you are such a careful, lovely person??:heartbeat:
    I am SURE you´ll return in September (you have to, for Cathy´s sake…and for mine, because I am awaiting your report :-D).
    Love you tonz and can´t wait to meet you??:love:

  4. Yeah -??
    Miss you very very very much and I am so looking forward to see you again!!
    Susilein??(:sunny:???:coolman: von der Zugspitze)

  5. Wow, nur noch eine Woche arbeiten?! Man, wie schnell das Jahr doch vorbeigegangen ist! Unglaublich!
    Buch echt lieber so schnell wie möglich ein Ticket, Europa ist diesen Sommer sehr beliebt. ;-)
    Schön, dass deine beiden Tänzer es weiter geschaft haben!! :-D

  6. jeah no shit, one more week of work, lifehouse concert in SF and a trip to germany coming up… you got it going for you, girl! :wink: and you WAY deserve it!! can’t wait to see you either. it’ll be awesome on ilka’s b-day!!! we’re gonna rock the place like there’s no tomorrow, girls :yes: have a great concert and weekend and hopefully we’ll talk soon! :love: and

  7. hey my??:sunny: first of all i am soooo lucky to have ya at my bday.??:spinning: that will be a blast.? i really hope everything will turn out to be positive. really do. and now that you were jealous that i was able to see rob i am sooooooo jealous that you are able to join lifehouse. damn it.??:( why aren’t they coming to europe? *being desperate*
    yes, girls:kim, sanni, ines and sannie i want ya to rock tha place…..?:yes:?:yes:?:yes:
    have a wonderful weekend honey, and enjoy the time with your hon;-)?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:

  8. btw that pic of joe and his dancepartner looks awesome. i bet his moves look gorgeous……rrrrraaaaaaarrrrr

  9. ich auch kommen wollen…??:( ute ist traurig und kann deswegen nicht mehr posten….?:cry:

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