SPF: Knobs

Yes, it’s another STUFF PORTRAIT FRIDAY and to keep up with all the “early-posters” around here [just kidding ;)], I’ll just get to it and post my photo of “knobs”.

SPF: Knobs

Well, in fact, it’s only one knob, representing all the other door knobs out there. And I apologize for the bad photo quality, but it was dark already and door knobs don’t really make for beautiful photography objects.

This SPF assignment actually came at the right time, because I’ve been asking myself lately if people have forgotten why there are door knobs and, more importantly, HOW to use them.
People around here just SLAM their doors all the time.

So here is: How To Use Door Knobs and Handles 101.

#1 Grab the door knob with your right hand a get a tight grip.

#2 Turn the door knob clock-wise to open the door.

#3 Enter the room.

#4 Turn around, grab the door knob from the inside and turn counterclock-wise again, hold in this position until you have closed the door and then release.

Voilá. You’ll see how easy this is and how QUIETLY you can close a door – especially if you come home late at night when other people might be sleeping already.

Did you play? :)

  1. I don´t have door knobs. Really, haha but if i´ve had some i know how to use.

    Happy SPF and i played :-)

  2. how funny….

    happy friday!

    I played.

  3. I can’t stand the sound of a slamming door- I just think it’s so rude!

    Happy SPF and I played too.

  4. My kids were door slammers until Jeremiah and Tabitha took up resident on the floor of our house. They now know the difference between, ‘inside voice and outside voice’, how to shut a door and how to not stomp down the hall.

    Yay. Something really cool came out of all of this!!

  5. Ugh, door slammers. Drives me batshit.

    I played.

  6. People always slam doors when they are mad. Good spf.

  7. My very boring knobs are up!

  8. cute instructions. I like your twist on this.

    I played!

  9. We have a neighbor that is ALWAYS slamming her door and we hate her for it! It’s so frustrating. Good luck.
    I played.

  10. Harhar, love your 101… :-D

  11. How shiny!

    I played … my tame (aka boring) one is up.

  12. I slammed my door once as a child. My mother was not thrilled. End of me, ever slamming doors ever again!


    I played!!!

  13. I prefer door handles much more… So much easier when your hands are full or you just put lotion on or what not. :)

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