I participated in the #marchphotoaday challenge that Chantelle (who blogs at FatMumSlim) put together again for the last month and it was so much fun. I loved documenting the every day things of my life this way and I’ve enjoyed looking at your photos as well! While I still love my DSLR, it’s so nice to just get out your phone and snap a picture in any situation – the ordinary and exciting, the mundane and special. Did you participate?

March Photo a Day

1. March Photo a Day , 2. Up , 3. Fruit , 4. Your Neighborhood ,
5. Bedside , 6. a smile , 7. 5pm , 8. something you wore ,
9. window , 10. red , 11. loud , 12. someone you talked to today,
13. fork , 14. a sign , 15. clouds , 16. car ,
17. sunglasses , 18. green , 19. a corner of your home , 20. funny ,
21. before/after , 22. delicious , 23. kitchen sink , 24. moon ,
25. an animal , 26. breakfast , 27. key , 28. your name ,
29. trash , 30. feet , 31. toy , 32. where you relax


There is another challenge going on in April (#photoadayApril), if you’re interested to join in.

  1. I love looking through all of your photos! My favorite thing about these challenges is being able to look back at each day of the year in picture form :) That’s a really neat concept and a great way to remember different parts of our lives, big and small!

  2. I’m kind of bummed out that I forgot to do it at the beginning of April… haha that’s FOUR months in a row! But, I decided that I’m going to try and take all of the photos still, it just doesn’t have to be on the correct day! And I’m going to start back with January.

    ALSO, somehow your blog stopped appearing in my google reader!!! I was wondering what you had been up to since I hadn’t seen any recent posts from you! Blah! I fixed it, though! Haha.

  3. I am always so bad at photoaday stuff!!

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