My last day…

so, that was it. My last day in Sacramento for the time being. It’s kind of weird to think that I have to leave today :(
I spent most of the day preparing my departure, sorting through things, trying to figure out what I need to take to Germany and what can stay here. Since I don’t know yet when I will return, it’s kind of hard to decide.
I tried to call G at the office this morning, but all I got was his mailbox with the message that he will be out of the office for an indefinite period of time while he’s dealing with family issues and that the best way to reach him and quickest way to get a response is email.
Well, I emailed him Tuesday and I have yet to hear back from him. Jon said I should give him a few days to respond, but I’ll definitely call him Monday if he will not have gotten back to me by the weekend.
We went over to see Maria and Aaron for a little while in the afternoon, ran some errands afterwards and then had pizza and beer [for Jon] for dinner while we were watching Kings Basketball [and they lost again :(]. We were not in a very good mood tonight… we both kept kind of quiet and although we know that either way it’s not going to be for long , it’s hard to be separated again :( [well, some of you people know much too well how that feels…]

So long… next time I’ll talk to you will be in “German time” :)

  1. sweetypie please gimme a call when you get to germany. wanna see you asap. i totally know how you have to feel leaving your babe again. i know exactly how that feels. had it with 3 guys.  i wish you a safe trip though and i will be there for you, hon. love ya with all my heart. :wub:

  2. Thank God I doesn´t know how that feels…I am really thankful for it. I can only imagine that it breaks your hearts… I really hope that it´s not for long and that you´ll be together for good the next time.
    Have a safe flight and enjoy meeting your family again, hun  :throb:
    Love you so much  :wub:

  3. sweety, i don’t know what to say. this sucks. emailed you, too i’m wishing you a not-too-horrible goodbye and a good flight. get back here safe and maybe we can see each other this weekend? i’m thinking about visiting pia… sending huge hugs and i know it’llall work out. everything’s crossed over here. HDGDL :throb:

  4. oh, cutie! this is such a shitty situation… i totally feel for you! :console: i cross my fingers that you’ll find a way to be with your sweetheart real soon. *Hugs* :throb:

  5. hey hun,
    good luck with everything. i hope things work out and you and jon can be together again soon. have a good flight and a safe trip and take care!!

  6. Ugh, Sweetpea. :-( Have a save trip! I hope saying good-bye won’t be too sad – but who am I kidding?!
    Lots of love!

  7. have a safe trip Sannie! i am sorry to hear that G wasnt able to work something out and i really keep my fingers crossed that you will be with Jon soon.  

  8. you wanna have my k-1 visa? ok.. bad joke.. you know i know how it feels.. it hurts so bad having to leave and not knowing when you will be back.. im thinking of you.

  9. sorry hun. i was so busy i didnt even realize the day was already here…sniff. i hope you got home safe and i also hope you will be back very soon…i hope everything will work out, i am so sorry you still do not know whats going on. :-( but you are strong, so i know you will be just fine. my fingers are crossed!!! love

  10. Komm gut rueber und hoffe, dass Du bald fuer immer bei Deinem Schatz sein kannst und so schnell wie moeglich.Ganz lieben Gruss und HUG !!!

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