Laid-back days…

J and I returned to Sacramento on Sunday evening. I was thankful that J didn’t mind driving the whole way from LA… I was so tired and slept most of the drive (I think that was my jetlag coming through ;) since I hadn’t really had time to be tired when Cathy and Greg were there :)).
We got home around 6 p.m. and I decided to do some shopping since our fridge was virtually empty and I couldn’t help but notice again how expensive groceries are here :( so glad I brought some stuff from Germany :)
We made a big salad for dinner and then went to bed pretty early.

The last two days, I didn’t really do a whole lot besides unpacking my suitcases, doing some laundry, writing my diary and some emails and hanging out.It’s really nice to be back in our apartment :) the weather is gorgeous… it’s still nice and sunny out with a nice cool breeze. October is definitely the nicest month of the year in California.

I also got the chance to hear J and A practice the last two days (as they’re doing that in our apartment :)) and I must say I am really impressed, especially by their own two songs that they have written while I was gone. They are beautiful and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from songs that are played on the radio. They sound so professional… no wonder they’re having a really important meeting on Friday with someone who’s willing to help them produce their first demo album. I am so excited!!!

@ Cath: I haven’t heard from you yet, so I hope you guys made it home safely, sis. Did you have to pay a lot for having overweight suitcases? :) I miss you so much already! Hope to hear from you soon!

  1. So glad to hear that you are having a good time in Ca! have you had a chance to talk to anyone from work yet?
    Miss you lots Sweetie!

  2. ups da gibts ja noch nen neueren post und ich commente fröhlich auf dem letzten rum tzzzzzzzz??:rolleyes: ach ja in california wär ich jetzt auch gern…….?:yes:

  3. Enjoy your days in Cali, hon {v} I am crossing my fingers for Jon´s meeting!!! I want to buy their record *screeeeeaaaam* :-D

  4. enjoy your laid back time, sweets ;-) i’m crossing my fingers for jon’s & aaron’s meeting on friday – this really is exciting. i want an autographed first album, okay? :-D i wish i could hop on a plane and come see you [after picking up C first of course] to enjoy october in cali. that’d be soooo awesome. miss ya…

  5. hey sweetie?:wink: good to hear that you are doing fine being “home”. now that you are back i gotta ask you how was it to come in your appartment? like i asked you how was it entering grevenbroich after 1,5 years.?:lol: over here the weather is aswesome,too about 25° today. the weekend was disgusting though. but i really do love the fall when its sunny outside and you could experience all the colors.?:spinning: i wanna here those songs as soon as they are recorded?:yes:?:yes:?:yes:??:heartbeat: and miss ya like crazy

  6. ohh so maybe jon will be famous soon?? ;-) how cool. my fingers are crossed!!!?:love:

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