Monday again

I had a pretty relaxed weekend, given the fact that I am very tense inside… Jon thinks it’s totally unnecessary for me to worry, but of course I do. He’s says that either way we’ll figure something out. In fact, he’s really angry and doesn’t really want me to work for the USGS anymore after all this shit, but on the other hand, I want to get back to California at the end of the month… what other options do I have?
Tonight I have to get in touch with Gerald again and with Katie (from VOLT). I don’t know if this will be the moment of truth … I am definitely not willing to give up yet, but I feel so let down right now :(

Friday night my Mom and I went to my Mom’s friends, because they had asked if I could help them book tickets online for some shows in New York (since they are going on a New York trip in October). I was contemplating what they needed my help for, but when we were there, I realized that some people are not as computer literate as I thought :)

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with my sister. We had a great time talking and looking at some fashion catalogs ;) I think I want to order some stuff, but I shouldn’t…
in the evening, my aunt came over and she, my Mom and I sat together and talked. My aunt has a really hard time since she’s working at a hospice right now and even though she likes the work, it’s hard to deal with people dying every other day :( I can only imagine what an emotional impact that must have.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything at all… well, which means I stayed at home in my pj’s all day, spent a whole lot of time on the computer and with my parents, talked on the phone and read for a while. I am reading this really good book (see below) and I highly recommend it.

  1. I did a PJ day, too yesterday.??:littlekiss:
    I can only imagine how frustrating the visa issue is. Crossing my fingers for your phone calls tonight Sweetie! Guys always think that things will be alright. I don’t think that they get how complicated and not so simple everything is.??:rolleyes: But yeah, I’m sure they can get you back their once they get their act together….??:wha:
    Anyways, I hope you have some??:sunny: where you are! It’s icky here!

  2. maus, this visa-crap really sucks so bad. i would have never thought it’d turn out that complicated :mad: i thought things were pretty much about you “picking up your visa” and that’s it… but you will definetely find a way. i’m sure it’ll work out. and i understand jon being mad not wanting you to go back to the USGS. i mean, they’re really not very helpful. maybe plan D thru F have to take effect??? fly back on a waiver to start with and go from there?? hope we’ll get to talk tonight! “alles wird gut!” {v}

  3. ?:wave:sweetie,
    how are ya? i really still cross my fingers for you?:yes:?:yes:?:yes: good that you had a relaxed weekend.?:sunny:

  4. i can totally understand why you would be tense. no kidding. poor you.??:( i hope you will find something out very soon. my fingers are crossed!!! love ya hunbun??:heartbeat:

  5. So what do you think of Kim’s plans to meet up in Bremen???:yes:?

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