Finally alone :)

It’s another weekend… what can I say.

First the good news: It’s our first weekend in our very own apartment! Our roommate had his graduation last weekend and moved out on Sunday. His family came over Saturday to attend the graduation ceremony and afterwards we went all out to dinner. We went to an Italian Restaurant called “Cafe Italia” here in Davis. Although we passed by this place a million times, we hadn’t been there before… which was a big mistake as it turned out. The food was really good and the prices were reasonable. J said we’re going to go there at least once a week from now on. Afterwards we all went to Sudwerk’s to hang out. We sat in the “Biergarten” and everyone had a liter of beer (or more)…except for me of course (I hate beer). Dhevan’s Dad is totally crazy about this place and wants to start a “Micro Brewery” in Nevada (although he doesn’t know anything about brewing).

At 10:00 pm we left and went over to our apartment. The guys wanted to go out again and Denise (Dhevan’s sister) and I decided to stay home. Right after they left, we changed our minds and went over to the “Graduate” (where they wanted to go) to meet them there. Unfortunately, they weren’t there… so we walked around downtown and checked out the other bars, but couldn’t find them. Around 1:00 am we went home and a little later I got a call from Dhevan asking if I could pick them up downtown. GUYS!!!

The next morning we helped Dhevan move out. We actually got everything packed up in about 1,5 hours (pretty quick for a move).

It took us a little while to realize that he’s really gone and won’t come back. But now it’s a really good feeling to have our own place with an extra room!

The week was pretty busy. I had a lot of work to do visualizing and animating the flooded area near Stockton. My supervisor was really pleased with my work though

Have a good weekend and see you later!

  1. hihihi, i’m leaving a comment. this feature is definetely missing on your other site.. enjoy your apartment! and everything else will fall into place, i’m sure! hugs ;o)

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