Waiting sucks…

not much happened the last two days – except for me being totally impatient about the notebook *lol* I have checked the order status at least 10x since Monday when we ordered it (I think I am a hopeless case). It seems like the TV tuner part will delay the delivery to early June which would just suck. I’ve heard from quite a few people that they got they delivery earlier than the anticipated delivery date, so I am being hopeful that I’ll be one of these lucky people.Well apart from that, don’t ask about my visa stuff. It’s a big, big mess again! I start wondering if I REALLY want to go through this again� :( One step forward, two steps back! After receiving my tax return so quickly, I knew there would be a new drawback! I am not even mad at anymore.
Is there something like getting used to that crap?
Sorry, I am not in a very talkative mood today :(

  1. Wow, you already received your tax return?! Awesome! Sucks about the long wait for your notebook and I won’t even go into visa stuff ;-). Sucks!

  2. Oh well…poor Sannie :-(
    This visa crap is sooooooo pesky!!!! Are there just working morons (hi Karen!)? I feel with you, girl! {v}
    Bad news about the notebook as well…it wasn´t your day yesterday, was it? I am crossing my fingers for you that you are lucky and you´ll receive your notebook earlier than the anticipated delivery date! Beginning of June – that is MUCH too late. You know, I am impatient, too ;-)
    {v} you, Sanniemaus!

  3. hey, you’ve been through it once before a year ago and imagine you would have given up then? you wouldn’t have had the last year in sac – and i think the efford last may was worth it looking back, hm? hang in there, sweety. if you’d see this weather you wouldn’t even think twice whether to go through this to stay in cali or not, believe me ;-) and we’re here to listen to you complain as much as you want to just make them pay the big bucks for your ticket. can’t you give them some sort of dealine? i mean, after all, they want you! *bearhug*

  4. hey sweetie,
    ?no one can understand it better than me that it sucks when all the things go in the wrong direction. but like kimmy said, the whole shit was worth it. think of having a great year in sac. and surely for fully selfish reasons i want you to stay there. hahaha…. i can totally understand that you are pretty impatient because of the notebook.once you decided to upgrade you can’t waaaaiiiiiittttt!!!! but there are some thing you have no influence on. believe me, that’s a real hard one for me,too. but push gerald to pay your ticket. it is not your fault that he is such a lazy asshole. sigh…. he wants you than he has to organize stuff for you. soll mal in die puschen kommen, mensch.

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