Happy Birthday, dear Sanni!

I hope you’ll have a wonderful day and tomorrow we’ll celebrate together!
I am really happy that we’ve become such good friends over the last 1,5 years and therefore I have to say “Thank you” that you dropped me a line back then just because we have the same name :)
Sometimes it’s these coincidences that let you meet special people in your life!

love ya very much! HUGS & KISSES.

  1. Dropping you a line is definitely one of the best things I´ve made within the last 1,5 years! I am sooooo glad to know you and I won´t ever miss ya. Love you so much??:love:

  2. Happy Birthday !!?:sunny:

  3. Thank you, Susi??:heartbeat:?

  4. ?:goodjob:?:giggle:?:spinning:?:coolman:?:littlekiss:?:laugh:HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANNI?:)?:wink:?:p?:lol:?:heartbeat:?:love:?:wave:?:sunny:?:sleepy:?:yes:?:lookaround:?:fun:

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