Have a great weekend

Hey guys…
Jon and I will be driving to Ventura today. It’s only going to be for one night, but I am looking forward to it… it’ll be nice to see his parents and just go on a road trip. We always like to use the time in the car to talk :) I love it.

Also, I have to tell you, we watched “American Idol – the worst auditions” last night. I wonder, what are some of these people thinking even bothering to show up at the castings? It was hilarious though. Jon and I laughed so hard :) it was really worth watching it. Especially if the jury tells the candidate that “he/she is possibly the worst singer in the world” and their response is “You gotta be kidding me” *lmao* that is sooooo funny :)

Anyways, I hope you guys have a good weekend… I’ll be thinking about you. More news from me probably on Monday :)
Love ya.

  1. hey “püppi”,
    you totally deserve a break. so how cool that you guys drive down to ventura. and it is really cool that you have cool conversations while driving. who is driving most of the time?
    yeah, those amrican idols trashy ones are really funny and embarrassing at the same time. i am ashamed for the people most of the times.
    enjoy your trip and get home safe, love ya with all my heart

  2. Awww, you two are too cute talking in the car and all :)! Have a fun time on your trip!
    {v} ya! I’ll think of you when I scrapbook some more this weekend :-D

  3. honey, enjoy the time and get your mind off of “things” for those two days. i’ll be thinking of you and you know the fingers are crossed ;-) and

  4. Hope you have a great time! :-)

  5. sounds like you are having a great time!!! enjoy!! i miss you!!! knutscha

  6. ROAD TRIPS ROCK!!!!!v??:fun:?:fun:?:fun:?:fun:?:fun:?:spinning:?:spinning:?:spinning:?:goodjob:?:coolman:
    gosh I love these emoticons lmao

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