We got a cell phone

Last night J picked me up from work and we went over to the FedEx Office to pick up our cell phone. Now we are officially “wirelessly available” although the plan is to use it for emergencies only! Since we’re going on our skiing trip this weekend, I am really glad we got it, so we have an emergency phone if we get stuck in the snow.
It snowed over 4,5 m since late December in Mammoth Lakes (that’s where we are going!) and that should be enough snow, I guess. I just hope it won’t snow too much while we are there. I’ve never driven with snow chains, let alone put them on the wheels. But I am excited, because it’ll be J’s first time on skis ever :) My co-worker, Michelle, rented a condo for the whole week and she had asked if we would be interested in joining them for a couple of days. That was the perfect opportunity and since Gerald is taking next week off, too, and I have already worked some overtime to make up for the hours, it’s really no big deal. We’re going to go from Sunday to Wednesday which should be plenty of time to let J get a feeling for skiing I hope he’ll like it, but most people do once they’ve tried it!
So, I’ll tell you all about it and post some photos, when we get back! Have a good weekend and take care!

  1. oh man ich will auch eine Digicam! Die sind echt praktisch, ne?! Danke für deine lieben Besserungswünsche und ganz viel Spaß beim Skilaufen :-) bye schönes WE!

  2. Good luck Jon lol and I hope you both have an awesome time… cant wait to hear about it and see the pics :)
    Love C.

  3. Yeah I can send it to you. Only, don’t send it to anyone you don’t trust. Because we (fans) want to make sure it doesn’t end up on some download site, because it’s the new single and it’s important that people will request it on the radio stations a lot so it will be successful. How do you want me to send it to you?Well, I’d love to see your pictures (by the way mine are here), but if you have to get them from Germany first maybe it’s a little complicated?! Maybe if you are going back to Germany sometime you could scan them or something but no worries. I can wait. :)

  4. And I hope you had a good trip going skiing :D

  5. Hi Sannie,
    hope you?are having?a great skiing trip! All legs still ok? Any bruises? ;-)
    Thanks for your Christmas card, it is so pretty!!! Also thanks for your sweet comments!
    miss ya!

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