I love family dinners!

Most people don’t really like having big family dinners, but I enjoy them very much. Our dinner yesterday was awesome and absolutely delicious :)
We had a tomato soup as a starter, then pork filet with rosemary potatoes and a bean-mushroom-tomato salad. As a dessert, my Mom made mixed berries with vanilla ice cream and a cheese platter *yummy* Did I mention that I am spoiled by all the great food right now? ;)

My Great-aunt loved everything and told us afterward that she enjoyed the evening very much and that it was definitely better than having dinner at a restaurant!

Today my sister and I went to her elementary school and I helped her prepare her class room for next week when school starts again. It was great to finally see where she works and what her class room looks like. We cleaned out shelves, rearranged the tables and attached posters at the walls.
My sister really is an elementary school teacher with all her heart. It’s awesome to see how much work she puts into everything. I know she’s very determined and dedicated to her job and I know she’s a wonderful teacher.

In the afternoon, I went over to my aunt’ s to have a coffee with her. I hadn’t visited her at her place yet and it was nice to spend some time with her.

In the evening I had dinner with my parents and afterwards I talked on the phone with Alicia, my friend from California who moved to Germany last December with her boyfriend Andi. We were on the phone for about 1,5 hours and it was absolutely awesome to talk to her again. I’ll definitely try to manage to see her while I am here. She lives near Frankfurt and since I have to go there for my appointment at the embassy anyways, I’ll try to stop by her place. I miss her not being around in Cali anymore. Her German is really good already. I am impressed how much she has learned in the last 8 months!

  1. hey??:sunny: that really sounds like a great time you have with your family and? enjoy being around them and surely enjoy the dinner time and the good food?:wink: how is it watching nina being a teacher? do you think about yourself being a teacher? or is it strange in moments like this? like…no i never wanna do that job?
    can’t wait to see you again, girl…?:yes: i am so used to have you around again..that will be hard to see you leave….?:(?:cry:?:cry: but i will come over….i promise….?:yes:?:yes:?:yes:
    ?:heartbeat:ya like crazy, sis

  2. you better enjoy all the good food while you’re here. we know how the food “over there” tends to be ;-) :-Dmy friend pia is just as crazy about teaching as your sister. she’s gonna have her first 1st grade this year, and she’s so excited. it’s too cute to listen to her talk about seeting up the classroom and all the rest of it with that glow in her eyes :fun: – i wish i had a job i was so happy with…have a great weekend, sweets :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

  3. Goooood fooooood……I miss it.??:cry:?:giggle:

  4. i love family dinners as well!!??:heartbeat: your sister is a teacher? wow. respect. great job, just too much talking for me…??:laugh: send you??:sunny: and love ya

  5. So glad you are enjoying Germany to the fullest! :yes: Dinner sounds yummy and your sis seems to be an awesome elementary teacher. That’s wonderful considering how important these people are in our lives. I think they influence a LOT of your future schooling! :giggle:Love ya!

  6. That dinner sounds really good. Yum! Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  7. ?:eek: alright, now i am hungry?:yes:… omg. i love family dinners! it’s just so nice to sit together, have some delicious food and chat, i used to think it’s annoying when i was a teenager but since i don’t get to see my family that much i really miss it. it’s good to hear that you have such a fantastic time. btw: your friend, who lives near frankfurt, didn’t send an email yet… just wondering if she got it. well anyway, have a wonderful week sannie.??:love:

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