Greta, one month old

Since it’s going to be SPF (Stuff Portrait Friday) tomorrow, I decided to post the 1-month-birthday-post for my little niece Greta a day early!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I became an aunt. It still is such a new and incredible feeling. Greta is doing well and has successfully moved in with her parents and their cat Emma.
They’re all getting used to their new “way of life” [which for Greta equals frequent sleeping, eating and pooping ;) and for my sister and Dirk equals short nights, a constant state of alert, but also a whole lot of love and fun!]. I can’t wait to cuddle all of them in December!

Going to le Target is a real bad idea these days. I am magically drawn to the baby section every time I go and I usually can’t leave without buying at least one little thing for Greta. It’s ridiculous how much cute stuff they have for babies.
My sister keeps telling me to hold off on buying more clothes, because she has more than enough stuff right now, but there are other things that she DEFINITELY needs ;) The Classic Pooh Series has a ton of beautiful stuff in a variety of different pastel colors which is great because most baby stuff is either “pink” or “blue” (which annoys me beyond belief).

I got a little bit ahead of myself and bought some Hello Kitty hair bands for her for Christmas, even though her hair is, obviously, still pretty short. Ah well, those don’t go bad, right?!! ;)

Happy 1st month-iversary, Greta! :)

  1. OMG do they still have those baby-ugg-boots at target? they had’em last year but C didn’t let me buy them for leni because i had already bought too much ;) will look again this year of course! cannot WAIT for le target :D xoxoxo

    PS: happy monthiversary, greta! (i am SO stealing that name!)

  2. Hahaha, you bought hairbands?? You are so funny. Miss you!

  3. yeah baby stuff can be addicted. since i have 2 godsons the shopping wasn’t as exciting as buying cute lil stuff for a baby girl. but i always fell in love with the lil boys clothing. and last year i asked my lil godson enrique what he wanted for xmas. and his mom told me, buy him clothing he told me: auntie ilka always gets me cool stuff. and i was really happy about that, since u know how guys are while unwrapping their presents. oh cool. thanks. period. lol but i would go nuts buying all those lil accessories for a baby girl like u did hello kitty hairbands:-) so happy 1month to greta!!!

  4. I REALLY know what you’re feeling right now. My first nephew was born on October 25 and experience the same baby-induced euphoria every time I enter a Target or Old Navy! Congratulations on your little niece…the joy is just too much!

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