Go, Kings, Go!

Yeah, I know… I am annoying. Talking about Basketball a lot lately. But hey, you neither have to understand the game, nor understand my babbling just cheer for the Kings
They have to make it to the Play Offs.
Last night they played the Detroit Pistons and it was a drama – they just couldn’t make any points. Three throws missed the basket, hit the ring or whatever… I think that had 13 turnovers, that’s way too much! I couldn’t believe that was happening after that great game on Monday, but Brian Skinner was out with a stomach virus and he had like 18 rebounds during the last game – outstanding!! So he was definitely missing!

Anyways, I spent the rest of the night sorting out my pile of stuff in the computer room. Since we only have a desk, the computer and a tiny little shelf in there (ok, regardless of the huge closet in which it is still difficult to keep stuff in order), most of my stationary stuff, letters, official mail collects in one corner of the room and it just looked like a mess! So, without thinking about it for too long, I put my new Lifehouse CD in the computer and started cleaning up! Took me two whole hours, but it was totally worth it.

J is so funny because he likes to send me to the room by saying “go and do stationary stuff” :) hilarious!

Tuesday night was totally SATC-driven- I think we watched three episodes in a row (and finished the first DVD of the 3rd season) and I was tempted to watch one more on TBS, but since they are in Season 5 already, I’ve missed a couple of the new episodes and they are censored on TBS anyways, I decided to wait and watch it on DVD

Oh yeah, and then a friend of mine had a baby girl on Easter (Congrats!) and another friend had a baby in January and another friend is pregnant or wants to get pregnant. Hello? Am I missing something? Where do all these babies and pregnant women come from all of a sudden? You’re freaking me out, girls ;)

  1. Aww, Sannie, you are reminding me that MY stationary stuff looks like a mess, too :-(But hey, I am on vacation, and there are better times to clean up, aren´t they? ;-)Oh yes, and just wanted to say that I am not pregnant 8as far as I kno :-D) and don´t intend to become pregnant soon ;-)

  2. another one in the not-pregnant-club. how should i without a man? that dude hangs out in good old phoenix and is “busy”? arrrghhhh

  3. Ja Sandra….dann leg doch mal nach…schick dir auch die ersten Babysachen, die unserer nicht mehr passen, zu.*LOOOOL* Viel Spass beim Ueben :-)

  4. you know, if C and i were ANYWHERE near a situation that would be okay to have a baby i’d be all like : “i’m joining the club!” but for right now i don’t think i even remember how to GET pregnant :oP so no worries… ;-)

  5. i wouldn’t freak out when it would happen now that i am “old enough”. but when it happens it happens

  6. Hallöle, der letzte Absatz machte mich nachdenklich *g*, vier meiner Freundinnen sind auch schwanger und alle Babies kommen im Mai,… hoffenltich steckt das nicht an!… Machen wir was falsch? ;-)

  7. Ohja, bei mir war der babyboom letztes Jahr. Glaube dieses Jahr gibs die Hochzeitswelle. Hehe. Und wieder geht alles an mir vorbei. Achja, mit so jungen Kerlen ist das auch nischt, die haben ja keine Kohle, wohnen bei Mama und somit muss ich wohl mit 30 irgendwas dran glauben und dann bin ich schon sooooooooooo alt!!!!!! ;-)

  8. @ ute: ja so ist das mit den jungen kerlen, was… aber da haben wir ja zum glueck beide noch was zeit… dann machen wir halt eine neue welle in den 30ern *lol*

  9. *würde sich der Welle in den 30ern gern anschließen* :-D

  10. Just quietly – I’m the one who wants the baby so if its in the water over there…. send it my way lol
    Missya hon – I just got our of a 5 hour meeting with our regulator (ARGHHH so tired)

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