Life is good…

and I think I am going to announce the 27th of May my favorite day. Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to see Joe McIntyre live in Los Angeles and it was a fantastic night!
And this year, the 27th of May is a great day as well… I actually have two good news for today!

First of all… here it is… my “baby”

it arrived today! :) Jon called me at work right after it was delivered and I [who actually went to work an hour early today, so I could leave earlier in the afternoon :)] left pretty much right then. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get home!
Setting up the wireless internet connection and that stuff was pretty easy and now I am sitting here on the couch (!) with the notebook on my lap and can’t get myself to go to bed *lol* Nobody is online … too bad… so I guess I do have to go to bed eventually.

It’s still so unreal… it reminds me of Christmas, when I was younger. When I woke up on Christmas Day, I always wasn’t sure if my presents from last night would still be there and I would run downstairs to see if I hadn’t? had a dream. I guess, that’s what’s going to happen tomorrow morning… I will wake up, totally in panic, jump out of bed to see if the notebook is still there :)

The other good news is: Gerald told me today that they might have found a sponsor for me. As I probably explained earlier – the USGS is not allowed to hire me directly (as I am not a US-citizen), so they have to hire me through a contractor. He’s waiting to hear back from them, but it turns out that these people seem to have experience with hiring foreigners (which would be a great relief as they probably know a lot about the visa stuff, too!) I’ll keep you posted!

So, May 27th is a great day, don’t you think? And with a three day weekend ahead of us, I am totally happy :)
I hope you guys get some sunshine this weekend… if not, I am sending you some from over here, just in case ;)

  1. YEAH!!! YOU FINALLY GOT IT!!!! This is awesome and I can´t wait ti meet you online, us both lying on the couch/in ours beds – amazing!!!??:heartbeat: Have fun, girl!!!
    It´s great² that Gerald found a sponsor. Now we can go ahead planning my vacation in Cali??:lol: May, 27 seems to be a resally good day, though…nevertheless I prefer May, 31??:love:
    I can´t beliebe I am saying this but – we have ENOUGH sun ourselves! That´s incredible! Would be even more incredible if I didn´t suffer hey fever since Thursday on??:cry:
    Have the best weekend ever (I know you will??:fun: ).
    Love ya & miss ya tonz??:love:

  2. welcome to the world lil notebook. i can guaratee you that you will have a good life at san’s?:yes: but i have to admit that it will also be a “working” life. but she will pay a lot of attention to you.?:wave: but see, sooner or later also an addict has to??:sleepy:…lol
    well honey, that babe looks awesome.??:goodjob: now you got the luxury there right away. i am sitting in the garden with it and melt. goodness!!!?:sunny:
    hope to see ya later.{v} ya like crazay

  3. Happy belated 27th of May day!!!!??:sunny: So happy for you!!!!

  4. Wow May 27th DOES seem to agree with you lmao I am SOOOO glad it finally got delivered – boy you were in “labor” long enough with the whole “boxing thing” lmao
    I am soooo excited about both your news…. does this mean you will officially be a research scholar?? lmao I love that word
    have fun watch tv from bed lmao (I know you will learn that bad habit from Sanni lmao) don;t mind me – am just jealous lmao
    Love ya sis

  5. JAY! i’m happy for you ! of course catching up on it late… i had luk all weekend so no time to go online at all… but i’m sure you already had an awesome weekend with your “babe” and hopefully the other babe won’t get jealous because he doesn’t get any attention any more :lol: have a good memorial day! i’m crossing my fingers still for the visa-stuff and hopefully soon we’ll have a date for you to be here so we can plan a get-together! wouldn’t it be great for ilka’s b-day??? :love: ya and :littlekiss:

  6. babe, i am so happy for you and soooo jealous!! you got a laptop, sniff. i want one!!!??:cry: do you still know when my birthday is???:laugh: good luck with that sponsor, that would be awesome!!!!!! let me know when you get any news, ok??? my fingers are crossed. and i also want to come and visit you and jon!!!??:heartbeat: love ya

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