You don’t want to know

I was absolutely exhausted Friday night. The whole last week pretty much drained all my energy and when I got an email on Friday from my new sponsor that only people with a Masters Degree from a U.S. Institution are exempt from the limit of issued H-1B visas, everything started to get more complicated again. Jon took me out for a really nice dinner at “Olive Garden” and I took a two hour nap afterward. I was exhausted.

Jon asked me to not worry about the weekend, because I couldn’t do anything anyways, but to be honest: How can I not worry? It’s almost the middle of June for God’s sake! :(
Apart from that, I somehow caught a cold or something – my throat started to hurt on Saturday morning and it’s hasn’t gone away since.

Saturday I slept in and we went bowling in the early afternoon. We hadn’t bowled for a long time, but it was fun :) I was surprised how well I did, but Jon was just great. He had bowled for the first time in over a year and had a 160 average. Pretty impressive.
When we came home we watched “Mystic River”. We had planned to watch it for quite a while and we both enjoyed it a lot – but to be honest, I somehow expected something different from it. I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t know enough about what this movie was about.

Sunday I got up at 10:00 am and had a nice long talk with Sanni on the phone :) thanks for calling, hun! It was fun!
Then I made some breakfast for myself and started writing some letters – it almost took me the whole Sunday (with some breaks in between) and by the end of the day I had two letters finished (one is going out to you, Cath, today :)).
Jon was quite shocked that I spent the whole day on my letters, but then he realized that it is a whole day worth of work, because I write these really long letters and that just takes a while ;)

Well, today didn’t start too well :( Nancy from the International Program Office called me and told me that I would be subject to the two-year home requirement (which is bullshit because I didn’t receive any funds from the U.S. government). She said that the USGS was my sponsor and that they had provided resources for me. First off, back in 2003 she told me that the USGS could not officially sponsor me and from what I read on the Internet, they would have had to pay me personally, but they didn’t. She got kind of offended and said if I believe the Internet more than her (well, it’s the website of the Department of State, I might want to add for liability reasons), I could call a number in Washington and talk to them. Well, and that is what I am going to do – as soon as I have talked to Gerald (who’s -of course- out of the office again today *hmpf*).
Even if I was subject to the two-year home requirement, I could get a waiver if a U.S. government agency is interested in having me stay in the country. Well, that’s the case, so that shouldn’t be a problem either. It’s just all bureaucracy again and people who don’t know a damn thing *argh*

I’ll keep you posted. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

  1. ok first things first – GRRRRRRRRRR at the damn bureaucracy you are suffering through – all I can say is keep your chin up – it will make it all the more satisfying when it all works out in the end :-) can’t ya just marry jon and get a fiance visa??:giggle: lmao RELAX I am only kidding?:lol:
    Secondly – yeah yeah yeah?:spinning:??:goodjob:?:yes:?:laugh:?:coolman:?:spinning:? that my letter is in the mail!!!! I spent the weekend writing letters too (among other things lmao) and it feels good to be up to date :-)
    Thirdly go check out Joe’s comments on the ABC?website – he’s putting together a show lmao is there any point in dreaming that he might be performing in Sept? lmao and if I am going on about Joe – its all your fault since you sent me the album lmao I have become Joe crazed again lmao?:love: – but dont tell Greg!?:laugh:
    Anyway try not to worry so much – it will sort itself out!
    ?:heartbeat: ya sis

  2. @ Cath: YES!?:yes: That’s exactly what my intentions were by sending you Joe’s album… to get you Joe crazed again *lmao* Isn’t he just gorgeous? I’ll definitely tape “Dancing with the Stars” again on Wednesday and I really, really hope he’ll perform in September… that would be sooooo awesome??:giggle:?:love:

  3. Oh stupid paper work!! Hope you’ll get the visa soon!!!!!!!
    Yay about the bowling! Fun times! :)

  4. ach maus, das ist ja scheisse! ich kenn das wenn jeder wat anderes sagt! lass dich nicht verwirren und hole soviele infos wie möglich!! seufz. menno!!ich hoffe alles wird gut, muss es einfach!!!!?:goodjob:
    ich habe “mystic river” auch schon gesehen, krasser film ne?
    mensch, briefe schreiben, du bist echt nen gutes beispiel das habe ich schon jahrelang nicht mehr gemacht.? lach. wow. aber gut ich bin auch entschuldigt in 19 tagen muss ich meine wohnung leer haben und mich selber in guter verfassung, wenn das keine gute ausrede ist. lol. hab dir lieb kleene und hoffe du kriegst heute ein paar bessere news!!??:heartbeat:

  5. hey my??:sunny: i am so sorry that you have to go through all that crap. i am really sorry. and no one more than me hopes that you are going to stay there…i wanna visit you. and surely i wanna have you hear in august. having a job in ny and working in the us…i can really get how complicated that is. a lot more strict contracts than over here. eewwww!!!!
    and topped that you caught a cold.??:( get well soon, sista.
    i am with you,

  6. I am sorry too to hear that there is soooo much stuff to do, so much stuff to worry about, … hope everything works out fine for you and you get the visa!!!??:love: and you are so right I would be worried as well but I am sure you will work something out! All the best for you??:goodjob:

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