The weekend

Hey there,

it’s Sunday evening, and I just finished cleaning the kitchen and the oven, which is always a pain in the a**, and I rewarded myself with a hot chocolate and I think I am going to go to bed soon. The weekend is already over again!
Friday night we finally met again with the book club and I really had been looking forward to that. I thought it would be kind of weird, because Alicia wouldn’t be there for the first time, and it was… somehow it felt like we weren’t complete, but I enjoyed it.
We met at Silke’s place and she had invited another girl, Antonia, to the book club this time. She’s one of my friend Sheila’s roommates.
Our piece of literature was a short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle this time called “The man with the watches” – a short mystery with a surprising end. It was fun to read and everybody – except Silke – had managed to finish it by last Friday, so we gave her a quick summary and let her guess about the resolution of the mystery.

Saturday we slept in (as Saturday is our day of catching up on some sleep ) and then went to the movies in the afternoon. We watched “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” – the new Jim Carrey movie. It was a dark fairy tale-like setting and J and I enjoyed it very much. I must admit, although I am not the biggest Jim Carrey fan and some of his comedies are just kind of stupid, I really do like his acting skills. At first, I almost didn’t recognize him, but then his very typical gestures and way of speaking revealed him.

After the movie, we decided to have an early dinner at Bakers Square since they have these great deals where you get a salad, a main entreè and a piece of pie for $8 it was delicious and we really had a good time talking and enjoying the dinner.
We had this great talk about how we would raise our kids being strong and independent people, well-read and appreciative of literature and films.

Then we went home to play a game of “Monopoly” which always ends the same way… I lose all my money and I am wondering WHY in the world I am asking J to play that game with me over and over again?! I mean, not even the old German saying “Glück im Spiel, Pech in der Liebe” (which means “If you are lucky in gambling, you are crossed in love”) doesn’t even make sense… because that would mean, he’s crossed in love and that would contradict me being lucky in love, wouldn’t it? :) Kinda confusing – Anyways, we had a fun time… I guess.

Today we were pretty lazy as well… I slept till 11:00 a.m., had some cereal for breakfast and then had a little chat with my aunt and cousin who happened to be online. That was fun. I hadn’t talked to both of them in a while. I don’t even remember what I did in the afternoon, but J and I cooked a great dinner later and watched “Summerland” and the “Simpsons” afterward. A nice and lazy Sunday!
Now it’s time for me to go to bed, because it’s 10:00 p.m. and I should start going to bed earlier again, so that I won’t be so tired by the end of the week. I should learn a lesson from J who is in bed already and I should probably go and snuggle up to him – good night everybody!

P.S. One thing I’ve noticed a few times now and I always forget to mention: Have you ever seen these guys standing at the corner of a huge intersection with a huge sign for new leases for apartments (or whatever!) and dancing to the music that they listen to on their disc-men? I think that is the most stupid job in the world. Whenever I see these poor creatures on the streets (especially when it’s raining), I want to pluck them from the jaws of “self-humiliation”, throw away the sign and send them home. Oh well…

  1. Hi Sis
    I bought and read the forst 3 lemony snicket books cause I thought they would be like HP…. but they weren’t :-( so its great to hear the movie was good :-) I agree with you about Jim Carey – in some movies he is just plain annoying – I saw him recently on Oprah promotting Lemony Snicket and he was just annoying? ;-) I did think he was good in Bruce Almighty though – that one made me laugh :-)
    How did you get involved in the Book Club? Its a great idea…. not that I think I would like to be told what to read…. I have a fairly long list of books I want to read for myself that I don’t think I would be able to put my list aside to read books that I don’t know if I would like…. which I suppose is the point of a book club – becoming a widely read person with diverse reading genre’s…..
    LOL I love monopoly….. Greg and I have long games both wanting to win lol….
    ps… can you come clean my oven? ;-)

  2. clean your oven? never… didn’t I say it’s a pain in the… whatever ;-)
    the bookclub was initiated by our friend alicia who recently moved to germany with her german boyfriend… isn’t that crazy? seems like that german guy and i found the only americans in this country who are willing to move to europe *lol* but she loves it.the bookclub is fun… we started off with books, but are now reading mainly short stories, because i mostly have some secondary reading that i try to keep up with and then, i never make it through one book in one week… i just don’t have the time. so short stories are perfect ;-) i never thought it would be so much fun to meet and talk about books *lol*

  3. Wow, good girl! I don’t think our oven has been cleaned in years! And I’m not going to be the one who’ll do it – that’s for sure!
    You and Jon are so sweet! I wouldn’t midn losing Monopoly at all in that respect ;-).
    I’ve been planning to give you a call FOREVER now. Maybe I’ll get to it one of these nights…. Who knows. Kind of sucks with 5 people for one phone line.
    *big hug*

  4. *haha* :-D nice try, sanna… no plans for kids in the near future… just hypothetically speaking ,because there was a mom with her annoying child in the movie theater right behind us that really bothered us, because it just wouldn’t shut up and the mom didn’t care… ;-)

  5. lol….I put that on my list to ask you about next time I wrote incase ya didn’t want to chat about it online ;-) see what happens when ya make casual comments about how you two are talking about how you are going to raise your kids lol made us all very curious :-)

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