Southern California

Wow, what a weekend. J and I went to Ventura and spent the whole Saturday in Malibu and Venice Beach. We had such a blast. I felt like I was on vacation… well, I guess it was a small one, right? Anyways, we hung out at the beach, laughed at the guys at “muscle beach” who were working out in public and had a nice dinner in a bar right at the beach. It was fantastic.

Also, we saw a whale! Yes, I couldn’t believe it either, because I thought the migration of whale’s was already over, but there he was.. one single lonely whale and I tried to take a picture (although I don’t think anyone will be able to see anything on it).

Now, being back in Davis and at work makes me feel like the weekend was LONG ago. That’s how it always is. I just came back from running with my neighbor Tatjana. 30 min – yeah! I am so proud we could get ourselves out. I always feel so much better after a workout, but sometimes when I come home late I am just too lazy.

Anyways, things with the SSC are slowly making progress… I hope I’ll be able to apply again soon – as soon as I have all my documents. Then I will get my first paycheck… and they will hold my paycheck for the last two weeks which is nice.

Next week is our ‘Open House’ and I have so many things to finish up this week. I’ve been working overtime yesterday and today and won’t even be paid for it it’s too bad… but hopefully things will slow down after next Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed.

  1. awwww a whale! that’s so cool! Good luck with your open house project!

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