Zurück Marsch Marsch…

ok girls, we had a slight change of plans on Friday and ended up NOT going to Ventura. Since Jon had plans for Sunday night in SF, we would have had to drive back Saturday night or Sunday morning (very early) and we figured that it would just not be worth it to drive 12 hours, if we only have 24 hours there. So we cancelled our plans and will go to Ventura to see Jon’s parents some time in June.
Friday night we picked up some pasta from an authentic Italian Delicatessen shop and went home to watch the NBA Playoffs Seattle Suns vs. Dallas Mavericks. Seattle was up 3:2, so it was crucial for Dallas to win the game… they were up almost the whole game and I was so excited, but then Seattle turned the game around in the last 3 minutes :( I was so disappointed.

Saturday was beautiful – the first really hot day – and Jon and I decided to take a long walk along the American river which is about 10 minutes from our apartment complex. It’s really nice to walk there, but we were in the sun for almost the whole time… thanks God I didn’t forget to put on sunscreen. I usually can’t stand being in the sun for longer than 30 minutes before I turn red as a lobster.
I went shopping later and then we barbequed some T-Bone Steak and I made a big salad for dinner. Netflix delivered “Meet the Fockers” in the mail yesterday, so we watched that last night. It was hilarious :) I really do like Ben Stiller as an actor (he’s so funny) and I also think Dustin Hoffmann and Barbara Streisand were great as his parents! I enjoyed it very much.

Today Jon and I went to the Outlet Stores in Folsom to get some new jeans and jeans shorts for Jon. It’s so cool how fast you’re in and out of the stores when you go shopping with guys :) They know exactly what they want and just go for it. No looking around and trying this and trying that… they pick out, try on and buy it *lol* it’s so funny how different guys and girls are in every respect.

Now Jon is in SF to see one of Matt’s concert and hopefully hang out with him afterwards. I am curious what they will talk about. As for me, that means I have an evening to myself and I love it… I took a nap, watched some TV and did some stationery stuff :) one perfect night!

Talk to you later. Love ya all!

  1. hey gorgeous,
    that sounds like a very lovely weekend. i hear from every side that the weather is so hot. not that this happens for germany. i mean, it isn’t that cold anymore. but it is “nicht fisch nicht fleisch”. today, surely as it is monday, the weather is getting a lot more sunny. damn it. i mean, yes i could enjoy it cuz i am off today. but the weekend is goooonnnneee. yew.
    well, how my weekend turned out….no comment. thanks for being there exactly in the right moment. i will take a shower now and then head to ikea to go SHOPPIN!!$$$$ i have to do something for ME. and have to concentrate on me. WORD!hope to hear from ya later. and hope you calm down after reading your email.
    love ya. danke, dass es dich gibt.
    big hug, ilka

  2. mensch, wenn i des gewusst hätte.. hab’ ein-zweimal überlegt anzurufen, aber dachte ja du bist nicht da.. tsss.. naja, hört sich aber trotzdem nach einem netten wochenende an ;-)and btw – shopping with C isn’t half as relaxing as you’d assume since he’s a guy. but on the other hand, he’s the most patient shopping-partner with me so i shouldn’t complain. i’m actually a lot more bitchy then him when i have to wait {v} ya (email following..)

  3. I am crossing my fingers for Jon. I want to know a star, damn it *lol*
    Good to hear tha at least one of has had nice weather ;-) Although I can´t complain, yesterday was sunny and we went for a walk, too.
    Hope you enjoyed your evenng on your own :-D
    Love ya

  4. First up Sanni – We already know a “star” her name is San??:spinning: she’s going to be a published writor of a paper on all things geolomic? (Is that a word? lol) but I know what you mean about Jon being a “star” one day…. I def hope that happens and that he brings his tour to Australia??:giggle: “Wondering whether job of tour manager is already open? cause i am comtemplating a career change… Or I could be a back up singer… not that I can sing…. hmmm I see a flaw in my hopes to be a back up singer??:shysmile:
    I am so glad you got some time to do some stuff like stationary (esp since I benefited with some labels *which were beautiful??:goodjob: * Its noce to have nights like that… all this week Greg is working so I have some “Me” time but I have been working so late that I havent had a chance to catch up on any of my mail but I will write soon :-)
    My toe is heaps better – thanks hun
    Love ya and miss ya most
    Cathy xoxoxo

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