So much going on…

Oh well… this is a hard life. I signed up for a newsletter to get the latest snow reports from Lake Tahoe… they had more than 10 inches of snow since last weekend and it’s just killing me not being able to go. I was thinking about going this weekend, but I don’t think that is a good idea, because the weather has to be kind of stable to drive up to the Sierra with our Saturn. Otherwise we might get stuck without snow chains…which would NOT be GOOD :(
Besides, J and I are expecting visitors next week, so we probably enjoy a nice and relaxing weekend. We were thinking about going to the Zoo or Miniture golfing – it depends on the weather. It’s been pouring all day and I don’t know what to expect for the weekend.

Then on Monday, J’s brother Chris is coming up here for a few days. He’s home from China for a couple of weeks and J hasn’t seen him for a while – and neither have I. So I am really looking forward to seeing him!
Also, my friend Ilka is planning to come and visit from Wednesday to Friday. She’s seeing friends in Arizona right now and definitely wanted to stop by and see me. I am so excited. So this will be a busy week.

Tonight we’re having our book club meeting. I am really looking forward to it. We read a really interesting short story (see below) and I am eager to talk about it. I never thought talking about literature can be so much fun (I always hated it in school! ), but it really is!
So, what’s up for the weekend? Any plans, guys?

@ Sanna: Thanks for calling last night! It was great talking to you! Have a great weekend! ;)

  1. Yeah life is pretty damn good at the moment :D If you have time it’d be cool to meet up :) Would be more fun to do sightseeing with someone else than alone for the whole time. We should exchange numbers!

  2. Oh, and I don’t have plans yet for the weekend, just studying, and Sunday night cooking dinner with my roomie for us and a friend of ours and the play Uno, heh.Oh and it snowed here! First time that it snowed here since I was here (I think it snowed while I was in Germany though).

  3. Danke! You have a great weekend, too!
    Wow, everyone is visiting you! How nice. I feel sorry for Jon’s parents, one son is in China and one is planning to go to Germany. LOL. :-)
    Enjoy your miniature golfing or whatever you decide on doing!

  4. Wünscht einfach mal einen schönen Sonntag und einen guten Wochenstart! ;-)

  5. oh i see du hast auch ein deutsches diary? *neugier* was muss ich tun um auf deine protected list zu kommen ;-)

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