Soccer, party and a headache

Friday night we went to watch one of Dirk’s soccer games again – we, this is my Dad, my sister, her friend Heidi, Dirk’s Mom and me. We had access to the VIP area again and had some drinks and snacks before the game.
The game was great and Münster won against Bochum II with 2:1 in the 89th minute. What a thriller! Dirk, who plays defense, almost scored, because he always kicks the free kicks and corners.
Afterwards we went to a pizza place with Dirk, his team mate Alex, his parents and his wife Rebecca. It was Rebecca’s birthday and we wanted to celebrate a little bit.

Saturday was my Dad’s birthday. I helped my Mom with chores around the house and went shopping for the party. It was amazingly great weather on Saturday, so that we could have the party in our backyard. That has not happened on my Dad’s birthday for years. Usually it is cold and rainy in September. My Dad had about 20 guests and the last guests which were Dirk, Nina, my aunt and my cousin left around 2:30 a.m. :)

Sunday we slept in late and recuperated from the party. The weather was not that nice anymore and it was a good day to spend on the couch. I finished the book that J recommended to me called “Riptide” by his current favorite authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Today was a little crappy as a headache has been bothering me all day. It definitely has been the change of weather that caused it [or PMS – choose as you please].
I will take some aspirin now and go to sleep.

  1. Have a good night hun, hope you feel better in the morning!
    Thanks again for the link, im drooling over pics of yummy joe ;-)

  2. I hope you feel better when you get up in the morning. I get weather-related headaches all the time. They stink.

    BTW you need to change your count on top of this page. :o)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, hun! Hope you woke up headache-free this morning!

  4. Sounds like a nice birthday party! good weather makes such a difference…
    Hope your headach is gone!! Poor you!

  5. hey, seems like yesterday sucked for you as well. i’m sorry. i hope you feel better today and the headaches are all gone. big *smooch* coming your way :)

  6. PS: when did you turn into a soccer-chick? :D

  7. PPS: maren is right and i told you so a hundret times… :P

  8. ok, STOP making me cry with all your entries. gosh. your post about your dad is soooo cute. really. the picture is awesome and also? happy belated birthday! gosh you had a crappy day too? wow. really must have been the 18th of september. anyways, send you a big hug and enjoy your tuesday!! big hug

  9. hey sweets,
    it’s so funny reading twice that you are a soccer chick now;-)and headakes suck whatever caused them. so i really hope you are feeling better today. and yes, it was gorgeous on saturday. and we missed nothing my being a couch potato on sunday, right;-) take care sweetie

  10. hope you feel better! :) sounds like a great weekend, isnt it great to celebrate birthdays with the family? :)

  11. There you go hun – you recounted your “..days since J left germany”. 6 Days is just so much better than 99. Something new with your GC???

  12. Hope your head feels better! Headaches are the worst! smooches. : )

  13. hi sannie sorry dass ich hier so lang nichts geschrieben habe.. ich vergesse irgendwie immer deine seite seitdem du nicht mehr bei xanga postetst.. aber das wird sich aendern ich werde mir angewoehnen deine seite taeglich zu checken. schade dass jon schon wieder weg ist.. ich bin gerade in arizona bei meinem freund fuer zwei wochen..

  14. Aw, I hear ya… take it easy over there!! :D

  15. sounds like a fun weekend. i love going to soccer matches! :)
    happy belated birthday to your dad and hope, that headache will never come back again. :D

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