Monday again…

where did this weekend go? I must say, if it is a lazy weekend like mine, it goes by even faster! :(
I started out with the Kings game on Friday when I got home. It was such an exciting game and the Kings… won!! Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed (in case you did!). It was an awesome game against Cleveland and they won 128:109 :)
After that we?went for a walk and got some stuff for dinner and then watched this movie “Burnt by the sun”. Another one of these political movies that Jon keeps getting from Netflix, but it was really interesting (although I fell asleep for a little while somewhere in between *oops*). It had something to do with the Stalin era and the Red Army.

Saturday I got up late (as always :)) and chatted a little while with my cousin and my aunt. That was fun! It’s nice to be able to communicate this way… my cousin also has a webcam and so it was really cool to actually be able to see him “live” :) Then Jon and I went out for a late breakfast and got our whole shopping done in the afternoon. We’re so proud of ourselves for having figured out where to buy certain things to get the best deal and the best food… you can make quite an effort out of this *lol*

The rest of the night we spent lazy at home… we made a nice big salad for dinner and then watched some TV and I did some scrapbooking (finally!)

Sunday was pretty lazy too (did I mention, it was a lazy weekend ?)*lol* I got up around 11 am only to realize that we switched to Daylight Saving Time last night and that it was actually already noon. I talked to my cousin for a little bit and then changed locations to the couch to watch another Kings game :) they were playing the Minnesota Timberwolves and I kept saying to Jon “Isn’t that just a wonderful Sunday?”… until the Kings lost with 100:112 and the day didn’t seem as wonderful anymore *jk* It’s not too bad as the Timberwolves are low in the?standings and it won’t endanger the Kings going to the Play offs.
I did some scrapbooking later and then watched Bridget Jones Diary 2. I liked it… I must say that I liked the first one better, but I still thought it was pretty funny and I just like Rene Zellweger as an actress. She’s so refreshing and not as perfect as all these Hollywood divas and she doesn’t hesitate to play roles that don’t portray her as the perfect woman! I like that. And I like it when she pouts *lol* :)

I made my delicious potato dish for dinner… this time I tried to add some vegetables and put some spinach in it. It was very good :)

Yeah and now it’s Monday again…6:15 pm.. and I just came home from a really busy day. It’s nice when Gerald is gone for a week, but then it’s getting even more busy and stressful when he comes back. Today was the perfect example. Oh well. I won’t complain… in the end, I like my work :)

  1. I think I can agree with you that a lazy weekend flies by. Because mine was so busy and it felt like at least 4 days. :p

  2. ahh, now sanna’s comment from the previous entry makes sense ;-) i was wondering what exactly she was referring to *grin* and i have to agree — bridget jones & scrapbooking sounds like an awesome weekend-task. *hugs* oh and, i got the CD yesterday. thank you hun {v}. i love it. i’ve only heard the first two or three songs but i can already tell it’ll be the next constantly-in-the-player-CD at my house…

  3. hi sunshine! Sag mal kommt die traurige Musik von deiner Seite? sniff. Da fang ich ja gleich an zu heulen, in meiner melancholischen Stimmung. sniff. Wollte dir nur schnell Tschüß sagen bis Sonntag und em by the way, ich habe auch ne Webcam!! Kuss Kuss

  4. @ kim: happy you got the cd… isn’t it wonderful?? ;-) {v}
    @ ute: ja… die traurige musik kommt von meiner seite… ist aber so schön :-) na, dann kann ich dich ja demnächst auch mal auf der webcam sehen, oder? viel spass in barcelona! :-) {v}

  5. @sannie die melancholie in diesem song lieben wir, woll?bin so gespannt, wie du die? cds findest, die unterwegs sind. :-)

  6. me want lazy weekend too lol… sounds lovely I have recently gotten interested in our rugby league down here – mainly because I am in a tipping competition at work BUT I have to agree with you… it is depressing watching your team lose lol… We did that on Saturday night :-)
    BTW – Thanks for your lovely long letter… such a quite replay… really put a smile on my face :)
    miss ya like crazy
    157 days to go :-)
    Love C.xoxoxxo

  7. Hey yeah I was planning on going to Boston, NY, Philly and Washington DC. I’ll see. have to talk to my parents and find out how much it would be and so. Aren’t you going to Boston sometime in the next few weeks?

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