*Tsss* what’s wrong with me? It seems like I can never keep my word of keeping you updated more regularly. Well, I think it’s just that I sometimes forget I have this blog? in English :)

Well, our weekend was crazy… we had decided to drive to the Bay Area on Sunday and when we were on the freeway one of our tires blew out! Of course, it was me who was driving and I was shocked. I’ve never had that happen to me before… of course, I was also in the far left lane of a five-lane freeway and apparently there wasn’t even an emergency lane on the right side, because we were level with an exit. So, since I couldn’t get over to the right lane anyways, I had to stop on the median between the freeways. Of course, we didn’t have a cell phone (because we refuse to have one ), so we were stuck there for almost 3 (!) hours before a police officer on his motorbike stopped. His first question was “What are you doing on the left side” and when we showed him the flat tire he was like “You could have gotten over to the right side anyways”. Sure.

Anyways, another police officer slowed down the traffic for us so we could “drive” over to the right side and change our tire. It was quite exciting… but not quite what I had expected for our great weekend trip to the coast. Oh well.

Monday was a Holiday (Columbus Day), only that nobody really got a day off except the government agencies… so we went shopping. Took care of the tire (and got 4 new ones!) and then also shopped for a bed which had been long overdue. We spent quite a bit of money that day, but hey, it was really necessary! And the new bed is awesome!! I slept so good last night!

Apart from that, have I mentioned that my parents and sister are coming in 5 days!!!!! OMG! I am so excited.

  1. Oh boy, I’m glad you are alright with that tire!!! Scary!!
    Yay, for a new bed and new tires! Yay! ;-)

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