I am devastated…

my back is killing me, the Kings lost last night and I just checked flight tickets for July and they’re F***ING expensive (over a $1000!). How much worse can it get? :(
I should seriously ask my supervisor if they would also help me out pay for the ticket (as it is not my fault that I HAVE to go to Germany to get the new visa – although I don’t mind ;)) I still don’t know what’s going on, so I really have to ask him if things are falling in place with the paperwork or not. I seriously didn’t expect the tickets to be that bloody darn expensive…

My back still hurts :( I woke up several times last night because I couldn’t turn and then it was pretty bad all day, although I think it was slightly better than yesterday. I took a hot bath when I came home which helped a little and now I created a little neck collar to support my neck, so I won’t move around too much. I hope it’ll be gone in a day or two.

Well and then the big drama last night (thanks Kim for following so closely that you even looked up the score ;)) – it was a disaster. They were playing so well together, but we’re really unlucky with some shots (they just bounced off the ring and stuff) and although they kept it close and even were on top for a while, they lost by 4 points in the end :( that means they’re out of the Playoffs and no more basketball till October *sigh* what am I to do??

Have a nice day off everyone over there in Germany… I’ll be thinking about you when I am at work ;)

  1. honey,
    i am really sorry hearing all that. you surely should ask your boss whether they support you with the ticket and kick him in the ass to move it finally. he is such a lazy one,damn.
    and then the kings,too. god how angry have you been?*lol*
    you should really see a doctor, hon. that won’t go away. believe me. had it several times before.go and find a chiropractor. hope to hear ya later.dicken kuss maus.hope you feel a lot better today.

  2. I’m sorry sweetie! *hugs* Better hurry up with the tickets, my friend from Lufthansa said all June flights are already overbooked!

  3. that sucks. those back-problems.. i think you should maybe wait another day or two but if it’s not better by the beginning of next week certainly see a doctor about it. the problem is that when having back-pain you move different to avoid the pain. which can cause more pain as you may be moving wrong and are tense all the time. i say definetely ibuprofen. that helped great when i had my back-probs and may avoid the wrong-movements since the pain is better… as to the tickets: jep, it’s crazy this year. that’s why i’m not gonna see C if no miracle happens.. it’s almost 900 euro from here to chicago.. so no chance. but i say ask gerald. after all, it’s sort of a business-trip and you’re coming here in the main season so you can go back to work for them quick. i’m sure they can support you a bit.hope your back gets better girl and we’ll talk soon. ;-)

  4. gute besserung für deinen rücken hasi! die flugpreise sind echt hammerkrass, ich schaue ja auch grade für einen hinflug im juli. habe auch schon gemerkt wie hoch die sind! :-( hoffe du findest eine lösung! meine daumen sind gedrückt!!!
    tut mir leid wegen den “kings”. auch wenn ich sportbegeisterung nicht so teilen kann.hehe. danke für deine süße email maus, hoffe ich habe alle deine fragen beantwortet in meinem tagebuch? ich fliege am 3.7. wann wolltest du denn kommen? aber weisste was, ich treffe dich und jon dann doch lieber in californien! hehe.
    ich hab dir lieb

  5. seems you had a good day! *lol* poor sannie…hopefully your back is better now! hey, you´re not even 30 ;-) sorry, i am a? little silly today ;-)
    how bad that your flights are that expensive! i´d ask, gerald, too. worst he can do is say “no” (why do i think this is terribly wrong english? :-D).
    hope your day today is MUCH better! love you, hun {v} have a nice weekend without a hurting back!

  6. Hallo Sannie, Mensch was n übler Tag… aber wie sagtest Du kürzlich “those days go by”. Wünsch Dir gute Besserung für Deinen Rücken!!! Tut mir leid dass die kings verloren haben. Viel Glück bei der Unterstützung zum Ticketpreis!

  7. I hope you’re feeling better! Tickets to Germany really are expensive. I think mine was around €700 but I am not entirely sure as my dad booked it for me.Thanks for your tipps for Boston! :) If you have more I’ll be happy to know more!

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