This post will be a happy one…

It’s amazing how by the end of the week when everything is over and the weekend is finally there, things can look so much brighter :)
Yesterday at work it was kind of busy again, because my boss will be off for a meeting next week and we had to wrap some things up… but that means that I’ll have three really laid back days ahead of me Monday before flying out to Boston on Thursday :) it couldn’t be any better!

Last night we had our “bookclub” meeting (which turned out to be just a hanging-out-and catching-up” meeting *lol*) at “Crepeville” in Davis. I couldn’t resist the temptation and had a strawberry-cinnamon crepe with whipped cream *yummy* and steamed milk..

I love steamed milk… but everyone was asking me if I was sick :( nah, I am not, just love steamed milk *lol* :)
Rachel came, Antonia and her boyfriend and I had invited Stoyan and Claudia. Scott came a little later. We had a pretty good time!

Today I went to Davis again for Picnic Day. It’s an event on the UC Davis Campus which is organized once a year in the Spring. Every Department has little exhibitions, you can watch dog races and go and milk cows :) (which I didn’t… just watched!). I met with Tatjana, her friend Paula and Claudia and we walked around. There was also a contest going on between the Marching Bands of different UC Colleges… which was pretty funny.

It was a fun day and it was actually the first really really hot day and I got sunburned on my shoulders :( oh well… hope you had a wonderful Saturday, too. I’ll write more later.

  1. ui ui bin ganz neidisch wegen dem Wetter! Will auch Sonne!!! :-)

  2. Ohja, ich auch! :-) Aber bald wirds auch in good old germany so weit sein… ätsch… dann macht mich so n toller sonniger und gutgelaunter Eintrag nicht mehr neidisch ;-) … wünsch Dir nen schönen Sonntag, bei Dir hat er ja fast erst begonnen *g*

  3. maus, wollte mich nur kurz aus paris wieder zurückmelden. hab ganzs? schreckliche kopfschmerzen und melde mich morgen ausführlich. wollte, dir nur sagen, dass ich wieder angekommen bin. smack

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