My sister and I never really had a “real grandma” growing up. My Mom’s Mom died before we were born and my Dad’s Mom died when we were 6. I still remember the first few years of our childhood, because we spent so much time with her. She was a Kindergarten teacher and she took care of us when my parents were at work. Fortunately, when she died, her sister -our dear great-aunt- kind of took her place. She was always like a grandma to us. She never had kids of her own, therefore no grandchildren either, but she loves my Dad and his brother like her own children and she also loves my sister and me like her own grandchildren.

My Mom’s Dad also used to have a “girlfriend” after my grandma died. Nina and I were about 5 years old and she also was like a grandma to us. She was a wonderful woman and Nina and I liked her a lot. Unfortunately they separated after a few years, but we still kept in touch until we were 15. That was the last time we saw her. We kept in touch for a little longer through letters, but then she decided that she didn’t want that contact anymore. Nina and I were really sad, but respected her decision. After a while, it turned out that she couldn’t just ignore the time that we had together and we started writing with her again.

Yesterday my sister and I visited her for the first time after 15 (!) years and it was such a wonderful reunion. We pretty much started where we last left off, there was no distance between us or anything. It just felt like we had seen her last week!


We had breakfast together [her son Uwe joined us for some coffee] and then we talked the whole afternoon, looked at photos, talked, had some coffee and cake and talked more. Time just flew by.
In the evening we went out to dinner and her son joined us again with his son Niclas, who’s 15. He was born shortly after we had last seen her.

It was just a wonderful feeling to see her again and I hope that we can do that again before I leave for that States this summer.

Today I just stayed at home and did NOTHING – I slept in the afternoon [because J called me last night, so I was tired] and surfed the Internet for some more infos.

Have a good start into the new week.