This is coming a little late, I know… I just hope you all had a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine and many, many chocolate eggs!
My Easter was pretty unspectacular this year. No colored eggs, no chocolate eggs, no easter egg hunt, but at least some really nice Easter-E-mails. Thanks to all of you!

We had a pretty laid-back weekend – no big plans. Friday night we just hung out at home. After the long week I was just looking forward to a lazy evening on the couch. We watched some SATC and then started a movie, “Dr. Strangelove”, but I didn’t even make the first 15 minutes, then I fell asleep.

I slept in really late Saturday and then dedicated half of the afternoon to catching up on my correspondence. I also had two packages in the mail :) a CD from my dear friend Kim (thanks, hon!) and a package from my dear friend Ilka ( thanks, also!). That made my day :) Then I went grocery shopping and in the evening Stoyan and Claudia came over. Claudia also gave me a CD as a belated birthday present – the Singles by A-ha! So cool! :)
We went out for a drink to the “Hoppy Brewing Company”. I was kinda surprised that there weren’t more people there on a Saturday night. I ordered a Cherry Cider, hoping that it would be something like a sweet whine spritzer but it wasn’t :( oh well. We had good time and watched some TV at our place later.

Sunday I chatted with my cousin and aunt for a while (which always is fun!) and the rest of the day was pretty much hanging out, watching TV and stuff. We made yummy burritos for dinner :) and I watched “Crazy/Beautiful” on TV.

And now it’s back to work – you lucky guys in Germany have a long weekend, but over here Easter is not a holiday – too bad. Enjoy your day off! At least I have something to look forward to, only 24 days until we go to Boston!

P.S. Have I mentioned that the new Lifehouse album is just awesome? I really think that they have matured a lot and that you can hear that in their music – Jason’s voice is amazing as always. You should seriously consider checking it out!

P.P.S. We are now 10 hours behind German time for the coming week… Daylight Saving Time begins next weekend over there!!

  1. hey cutie,
    coming to the package. you had to put the lakritz and the hairprodukt in the bin or just the lakritz? that’s a shame that they broke it. how did you like the peach ones? i love the gummibächenladen. nice to hear that your weekend was so nice. i gave you an idea about my weekend in an email….now i am lying in my cosy bed and watch tv.don’t you change times in the us?

  2. sorry just realized all my typing mistakes. i should ware my glasses while writing to you. excuse me

  3. Happy Easter to you too Sis :-) Sounds like you and Jon had a nice relaxing one which is very important…. kinda sucky how you miss out on the public holidays… we had a 4 day weekend here :-)
    If you are every confused about timezones… you can click on https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/personal.html?I keep this in my favourites so I know what time it is in all the places that count :-)
    Whats this?? you going to Boston?? Have you mentioned it in previous enteries and I am just too blind that I missed it? Hope you have an awesome time :)
    Miss ya and loveya loads

  4. @ cathy: thanks sweetie for the link!!! and yeah, i mentioned before that we’re planning to go to boston… but it wasn’t definite! now it is! :-D wohooo!

  5. woho, i’m confused about which one to read now. i guess i’m gonna stick with this one. or what do you think?

  6. @kim: yeah, you’re able to read in english – so stick to this one… or read both! *lol* :-D whatever you like!

  7. howdy sweetie,
    back from the flamenco. was fun today.are you? feeling better after that stupid night?

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